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Meet & Greet with District 13 House Candidate Sullivan

There couldn’t be more perfect opposite to her opponent Rex Rolfing.

District 13 Candidate Rolfing unsure of what county he lives in

Oh, shucks, I guess I’ll have to drop this wood off in Canton.

While absentee voting today at the Minnehaha County Auditor’s office Rex Rolfing walked in and says, “Is this where I absentee vote?” Which made me kind of laugh. He said ‘Hi’ to me and sat at the ID table, than he says to me, “Are you going to vote for me?” I explained to him I was an independent and couldn’t, “but if I was a Republican and could, you know the answer to that question.”

I walked out not even realizing until someone told me later that Rex was probably turned away because he is a Lincoln County resident, and in a primary he MUST vote in his county. I wish I would have stuck around to see that.

But what I also didn’t realize is that as a candidate you cannot solicit a vote at a polling place. While I knew Rex was joking, as he knew the answer to the question, I wonder if he knows asking that question is against the law.

Looks like another person running to make laws in Pierre without understanding those laws to begin with. BTW, Rex, your County Seat is in Canton. Just go South a few miles, you will find it.

Rex, give it up already

Well if you think the State Legislature gets nothing accomplished now, elect Rolfing for more do nothingness. The sad part is he would not have been able to run in my District if it wasn’t for Gerrymandering of Lincoln County.

Was Rex Rolfing trying to make a mad dash from the Sioux Falls city council?


When I heard about this just a few days ago, I just had to chuckle. Surprises me that the man who ran for a second term and recently got the council chair position would be trying to find a way to slip out of his current job.

See, Rex Rolfing asked some nice GOP committee peeps in District 13 to put him on the ballot this Fall for the legislature (replacing Westra). And according to city charter, you cannot serve on the city council and state legislature at the same time, so if he were elected, he would have to resign the city council seat.

Seems the heat is getting to Rex. So much, that a guy who owns property in Florida wants to spend a whole month in Pierre in the winter. That will cool you off.

Well it didn’t turn out as expected. Sue Peterson got picked for the slot, with Alex Jensen and Rex being the two other candidates.

I guess we will have to endure old Tex Golfing for a couple more years, unless he just wants to resign on his own accord? I would be fine with that.

District 13 Argus Leader Forum

Jesse ‘Weiner Dog’ Vavreck (Argus Leader video screenshot image)

Many differences between the candidates.

South DaCola guest candidate • Brian Liss • District 13 House

Answering Silly Critics

Early in the campaign I sent out a fundraising letter which said in part, “Help me defeat the Democrats’ attempts to socialize our country at the expense of our freedom.” Over at Madville Times the letter was quoted as crying about “Socialism!” This malicious misquote ruins the credibility of Madville Times.

I doubt anyone has ever been more bruised with less cause than Corey over at Black Marks on Wood Pulp. The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen comes to mind.

The Essence of the Campaign

What sets me apart from most politicians is that I think economics should be taken seriously. Most politicians are happy to communicate economic fallacies to their voters. Economic freedom is a liberty vs. tyranny issue. Here is my SDPB video. I hope you like it. Go to www.BrianLiss.com to learn more. Thanks!

http://www.youtube.com/user/SDPBdotORG#p/u/12/4NA_piY8WB0 (you will need to copy and paste, becuz for some dumb reason, SDPTV won’t let me link.

(editor’s note) I encourage any candidate to spew their junk on my site. I don’t care what political party you are from.

New candidate running for SF district 13

I don’t much about Jesse;

Democrat Jesse Vavreck is running for one of the two District 13 seats in the state House of Representatives. District 13 consists of central Sioux Falls. Incumbent Bill Thompson is term-limited. Democrat Susy Blake is the other incumbent seeking election.

He was an intern for Tim Johnson. And here he talks about himself and his weiner dog and he seems to be right on track with some issues I agree with. He has my vote . . . so far. As with any candidate for office, you are welcome to guest post on South DaCola.

Oh, and BTW, if you are going to have a website probably outta figure out the googles so when you type in your name the first hit or least the 2nd or 5th hit is your website, I’m just saying.

The Governor needs to take the wax out of his ears

After reading the budget address story in the Gargoyle Leader, I dove into a tiny little article buried on page 9A and not available online (that’s where the Liberal media puts their important stories I guess) the article detailed how Dems have been after Marion M. Rounds for three years about limiting the growth of State Government (you know, all those unneeded no-bid contracts to friends and family he has secretly deguised as FTE’s), but as usual, Mike refuses to listen to anyone but his inner greed and arrogance;

For three years, Democrats have tried to hold state government to the 3 percent budget increases allowed schools and counties, and we couldn’t get support,” said Dem Ben Nesselhuf of Vermillion, “If we’d been doing that for three years, maybe we’d have money.”

Democratic Rep. Bernie Hunhuff of Yankton also voiced concern about the property tax increase;

It could sow the seeds for another property tax revolt, and we don’t want that.

Get out the pitchforks and torches I guess.

I think Minority leader Scott Heidepriem of Sioux Falls, District 13, where I live, said it best when he called the governor’s budget “Cynical”

I guess I wouldn’t have had a problem with expanding state government if government services have become better, in fact they are either the same or worse since Rounds has taken office. Just look at the vehicle registration fiasco. So where did the millions go? This is about helping friends out, and now that he has broken the bank, he continues his state of denial and promises more cuts to education, salaries and road construction while failing to put his hand out to our new president who vows to ramp up infrastructure and domestic spending. Once again SD Republican leaders have proven the best way to fix problems is to tax and spend instead of making cuts.

Rounds Turns it up a notch

All of sudden, Mikey becomes Mr. Glass half empty;

PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Mike Rounds says next year will bring the “worst budget scenario that we have seen,” and he doubts there will be much of an increase in state funding of schools.

But Bill Thompson is ready to set him straight,

Democratic state Rep. Bill Thompson of Sioux Falls, who is on the House education committee, said education is an investment.

“In the House, there are too many people who see education as an expense, and that’s the basic philosophical difference,” he said.

It would make no sense for Rounds to cut education even if the budget is tight, according to Thompson, a retired teacher.

“My question to the governor would be, ‘Is education your No. 1 priority?’ It should be, in terms of economic development and in terms of how much of the state budget that goes toward education,” he said. “Education is not frosting; it’s absolutely crucial and should be the last area for where we look in terms of cuts.”

I’m gonna say it, it is time for the minority Democrats to grow a sack and go after this Governor like pitbulls, without lipstick. Bill has a good start, and he is respected enough to take the bull by the horns.

Do something that actually helps the children of our state.

I would like to congratulate Kevin Killer, Martha Vanderlinde and Scott Heidepriem on their victories last night. They all are good people and will represent our state well. Kevin and Martha are very progressive minded people, and they will bring a fresh and LIBERAL perspective to the State Legislature, which we desperately need.

I would also like to thank all the people who voted NO on 11. It was an unconstitional, intrusive law. The morality police need to let this one drop. If they are concerned about children, I suggest they ADOPT a lower income family in this state and buy their groceries for a year or help serve food at the Banquet. Do something to actually help the disadvantaged kids that already born and alive in our state.

I think about all the good that $3 million dollars spent on both campaigns could have done for  the hungry children in our state, and just makes me shake my head.

I propose two new initiatives for the next election cycle.

1)      Eliminate the food tax (something that actually does more good for ALL the children of the state)

2)      Ban the Unruhs from the legislative/initiative process, or better yet, from the state (and take Janklow with you).