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Meet the new boss same as the old boss (H/T – GP)

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SKrebs wouldn’t know how to be nonpartisan if it came up to her as a makeup counter attendant and applied the reality. She is an ambitious person who only wants power for herself, family and those who pay, ALEC. Her husband was a nice enough news reader for the second place Sioux Falls TV station who now uses his connections and power to return Marion M. Rounds back to a front row power seat. Shantel is just part of the PG13 program.

Shantel does not believe in the freedoms she espouses. She has proved this in everything she has done in her public and private work (former shoe salesperson). Just the way she blew off the courthouse petition gatherers and let those who witnessed, she did not believe in the petition process.

Krebs is a cog in the wheel of ALEC puppet power system. She will only do what Jason Gant could not get done for them. There must be a complete control system for all positions of responsibility in Pierre and she will make sure Gant’s ALEC plans are carried out.

Montgomery did a good job of outlining why South Dakotans should be afraid of Shantel.

  • The statement reported “she would “do whatever it takes” to help Republicans win every single statewide office on the ballot next year, include secretary of state“ says it all when she is in office.
  • How much will her husband and his personal connections to power assist in her effort.
  • Opposes early-voting sites to three other reservation and probably any other place where the GOP majority could be “harmed”.
  • Also note, she went to the former ALEC SOS, Chris Nelson, to get his advice. Doesn’t his make you warm and cozy?

Montgomery also throws more into the pot with this post Nelson hits Gant’s performance.  Shantel is getting advice from Nelson as Nelson dumps on Gant. Just remember, Nelson was SOS with control over the Help America Vote Act $9 million fund. He did nothing to help the Native American citizens to vote. Nelson was also SOS during the Lake Andes Native American voter harassment program to scare them away from voting for Daschle.

So Krebs promises to be nonpartisan, sure she will. You betcha,  just like Gant and Nelson…

GP goes off about the AL’s Ellis’ views on Gantless


Ellis: Mission attained? Not likely

Departing Secretary of State’s term fraught with liability

Buried by the controversies are the good things Gant did. He brought more transparency to the state’s campaign finance and corporate filing system with a new website. While glitchy, the website at least began to get the state into the modern age.

At what point does a 2×4 with a long nail hitting them in the head make them realize they have been hit with a golden story of the man hit in head by thug wielding a 2×4 embedded with long nail? They never seem to get the impact of the story or even try to help the public understand the significance. Is the AL more concerned with dwindling ad dollars to care about the truth? Ellis’ phony Libertarian politics supporting the phony conservative Krebs? You be the judge.

Why doesn’t any of the articles since Gant’s announcement of no re-election bid (not retirement or resignation as AL reported) stress that in your face fact: he had to get the respected Sue Roust to take over the office, just to conduct the last statewide election?

Gant was taking his orders from his ALEC backers. The SOS’ and State Treasurer’s offices have taken the computerization of their office records to a level of show but no go. No one can accurately search for the data as promised. The SOS election reports are a mess of misinformation and subterfuge.  The ALEC Treasurer’s website does not give any information needed to actually follow the state’s spending.

The no-bid contracts given by the current office holders are hidden within incomplete or cumbersome search engines. Reports are not filed by state offices, at what penalty? None.

The Legislators and Democrats are worthless or powerless to demand anything from the Constitutional officers, why? People like Jason Gant have been in the hallways doling out ALEC checks to the very legislators who are supposed to oversee their actions.

So as to not publicly clean up this mess, cozy relationships are cultivated with the major press for advertising dollars and access to inside information to put into their articles or segments.

Gant hasn’t done anything good since he has been in office. He has allowed lazy reporting and research. As I began to use SOS data several years ago, trying to understand what is happening in SD politics, it showed Gant was putting pretty curtains on ugly windows. Nothing fixed, just covered up.

Gant’s decision to not seek a 2nd term smells a little fishy to me

While I would agree with Cory, that Gant should resign right now (don’t trust what he will do in the last year of office) I don’t agree with some of the theories coming from the blogsphere;

This announcement comes after a clear vote of no confidence from his own party as Senator Shantel Krebs (R-10/Renner) declared Gant had violated the integrity of the office and began lobbying SDGOP delegates to support her in a convention challenge to Gant’s renomination

Don’t be so sure Cory. I found it a little strange that Krebs had not made a formal announcement even though she had a nice little logo made up and a letter sent to conventioneers. If she lacked so much confidence in the job that Jason was doing, why was she being so quiet about her challenge? The conspiracy theorist in me thinks Shantel knew in advance that Jason was not going to seek a second term, and put herself out there quietly before he made the announcement. Why do I think this? Shantel is a card carrying ALEC member with good standing in the SD GOP. She really isn’t much different then Jason when it comes to her political philosophies. And as a SF conventioneer said to me, there is no way they were voting for her in the convention because of her political views mirroring Jasons’.

May I also note when we were circulating the snowgate petition, Krebs refused to sign, and went so far to tell the petitioner that she doesn’t believe in petitions because making legislation was the job of elected officials. She seemed offended that citizens would want to present their own legislation. Just the kind of SOS I look forward to :(

Gant’s former cheeseburger eating buddy, Pitty Patt Powwers even throws out more evidence that this was in the works for awhile;

But with the seat now wide open.. others are also expressing an interest in becoming the custodian of official records for the state and chief elections officer.

I’m hearing at least two others are expressing strong interest in entering the contest. I’m also hearing rumors that Senate Assistant Majority Leader Dan Lederman may be renewing the past interest he’d expressed in running for SOS prior to 2010.

Mr. SD ALEC himself is even considering the run. I may be a little thick at times, but if you think all of this excitement about running for Jason’s seat started after his announcement today, you are smoking some pretty good stuff.

And how are the Democrats reacting?

AL’s editorial on GANT; Too Little, Too Late (H/T – Helga)

It only took the AL’s ED board about a year and a half to figure out what kind of scoundrel Jason Gant is, then they decide to give him a free pass;

Under the circumstances, it might be tempting to ask for his resignation. But the reality is, with little more than a year left on his term, the ramifications of pushing such an agenda would be nastier than our state can tolerate.

Our recommendation: Grit our teeth until his term expires while urging him to not seek re-election, and watch him like a hawk.

Why fire a guy who has screwed up numerous times, just give him another year to do more damage, it is only the whole state who suffers under his stupidity. The last sentence boggles the mind;

It is hard to know how such people ever get in office in the first place.

It’s the AL who endorses these clowns in the first place, then when they F’ck up, they trash them in an editorial, then tell the public we just have to put up with them for another year or so. Enough already. All the editorial boards in the state need to call for Gant’s resignation.

Hey, Sue Roust, looking for another part-time gig until next November?

Gant continues to get caught with his underwear on his head

I have often wondered how much more bungling & bumbling, lying & cheating our unethical Secretary of State will have to commit before the citizens of this state finally say bye-bye?

How many times do you have to get caught with your underwear on your head before we cut you loose?

Heck even the Argue Endorser is running rough-shot over you, caught you at blatant lies, or just blatant stupidity (that one is hard to differentiate between with Jason).

Remember though, Gantless is chief money raiser for the SD GOP and an ALEC soldier (voter suppression agenda). He does have support from the ‘elites’ in the SD GOP, but the ‘baggers’ are not big fans.

I’m thinking at this point, Lora Hubbel could probably even beat him in the convention :)

Is Gant positioning himself to be an unbeatable incumbent?

I wonder if Gant can serve either position if he is not re-elected?

KELO – South Dakota Secretary of State Jason Gant has been named treasurer to The National Association of Secretaries of State.

As treasurer of NASS, Gant will be a member of the executive committee and serve as President of the organization in 2015.

The organization is the oldest nonpartisan organization of public officials in the United States. The association focuses on elections and voting, state business services and digital archiving, and international relations and state securities regulation.

That last paragraph should worry us the most. Remember, Gant is a prestigious member of ALEC, and part of ALEC’s agenda is voter suppression. As treasurer and then possibly chair, he will have the opportunity to spread the ALEC agenda nationally.

Hopefully State Republicans, who are sick of Jason’s bungling, will put up other candidates. I know of at least three now that are considering a run against Jason in the convention. Will Jason use these positions to convince convention delegates that they can’t replace him?

I actually think these appointments will hurt him. Jason will be pulled away from his duties as our SOS performing his national duties (propaganda). That guy has trouble running his own office, let alone handling a national piggy bank. As a high ranking State government employee told me recently,

 “There’s always some kind of problem or mess going on in that office. I just try to avoid hearing about it as much as possible.”

Besides the fact that Jason has no ethics, is an ALEC defender and will pretty much take money from the devil to help state candidates, he does a crappy job as a SOS. He had to hire Sue Roust to bail his ass out, and she didn’t come cheap, after him and Whopper Jr. got caught playing internet games. Unfortunately, AG Jackboots investigated them for something he knew they would be innocent of, stealing (financially) from the state. Everyone knows the only thing Jason is good at stealing is our voter freedoms. But who cares about ethics in Pierre?

Hello? Is anybody home in the SOS’s office?

The pre-pat-power pdf reports have not been working. The site has been down completely.


Previous Year’s Finance Reports (2010 and Older), NOT AVAILABLE

Every time there is a change in Pierre officialdom, this website seems to crash.  What is Gant doing? Or should we say, what is hiding?

ALEC Repugs in Pierre have NO time for Progressive politics (Guest Poster)

A sorry movement has been growing over the last couple of years at a feverish rate.  The people have voted against FAUX News and Rove even after the vote fix was in.  Something must be done.  Consider what is happening in Pierre and other state capitals as the elected and appointeds work to figure out how to roll our nation back to the 1800’s.  Senator Stan’s Adelstein’s proposal to have direct primary nomination election of constitutional candidates in South Dakota is a throwback to the Progressive Era our current ‘leaders’ wish to destroy.

DWC – Pat Powers’ recent rants to continue his destruction of all things related to Senator Stan.  We must not forget Pat’s job loss was a result of last May’s expose’ of SOS Jason Gant and his ethically challenged / legally questionable activities.  South Dakota was in the center of the nation’s Progressive movement.  Much of what we currently have as average Americans is in no small part because of what happened in Sioux Falls and South Dakota.  Governor Lee, Peter Norbeck, Governor Tom Berry through Abourezk and McGovern were prairie progressives who believed in the average person.  Only the rich, selfish or wish to be selfishly rich have fought the ideals of expanded rights for all people.

So when I read about more idiots who wish to roll back the Progressive Era advancements, the more I want to remind everyone of our collective history.  The absurd right has it wrong on all counts, how can we go back to something that never existed in the first place?  So we have reactionaries like Pat Powers who lost his job to save a leader of South Dakota RSLC – ALEC.  Jason Gant had to be saved.  Jason has funneled funds and support to many of the right people to make sure Keystone XL pipeline destroys the ecology of South Dakota.  The John Birch Society controlled RSLC – ALEC will never let the common person have any say in the affairs of governing.  It is not in their plan.  Pat Powers is only a mouthpiece.  A person who proudly boasts either way, he makes money.  Remember this, he is a mouthpiece for the rich, selfish or wish to be selfish rich. Here is another example of what ‘conservatives’ want to do for voters;

National Review Blogger Calls for Repeal of Women’s Suffrage

By Amanda Marcotte
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 9:15 EST

Thanks for getting arrested, but since your forebears chose to use their rights to get more rights, all rights have to go.

Michael Walsh of National Review Online called for the termination of women’s right to vote last week:

Nevertheless, you’re on to something I’ve been advocating for years now. And that is the repeal of all four of the so-called “Progressive Era” amendments, including the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th, which were passed between 1911 and 1920.

One of those has already been repealed—the 18th amendment, which ushered in Prohibition—which Walsh admits. That’s not really what he’s on about anyway:

The income-tax amendment was a self-evident attack on capitalism and led to the explosive growth of the federal government we currently enjoy today. (Without it, there’d be no need for a Balanced Budget Amendment.) Direct elections of senators has given us, among other wonders, the elevation of John F. Kerry to, now, secretary of state. Prohibition was directly responsible for the rise of organized crime and its unholy alliance with the big-city Democratic machines. And women’s suffrage . . . well, let’s just observe that without it Barack Obama could never have become president. Time for the ladies to take one for the team.

I suppose we’re supposed to imagine it’s a “joke”, because he takes a jovial tone for the last one. But if so, it doesn’t make sense. He’s dead fucking serious about the other two—three, really, because he only seems to be against Prohibition because he believes it gave Democrats a leg up, which is one of those deaf-to-historical-change moments that lead Republicans to imagine that Lincoln would have anything to do with the modern version of their party—so, as a joke, it falls completely apart. If he hadn’t rolled it up with the other amendments initially, the “joke” defense he clearly has in his pocket would be an easier sell. Something like, “I’ve long advocated for the repeal of 3 of the Progressive Amendments (though one has already been repealed), and hey, ladies, sometimes you make me wish to repeal all four.” It would still be a misogynist joke, but easier to sell as a joke, even if not a very funny one.

As it stands, it’s clear he’s doing what Al Franken calls “kidding on the square“, where you say something you mean but pretend it’s a joke so you don’t have to take responsibility for it. Franken has some fun with it in his books, calling himself out for it and therefore turning a typically unfunny bit of passive-aggression into a for-real joke, but I’m guessing you all know that because of course you’ve read his books. Kidding on the square is a favorite tool of sexists, who want to say sexist things, but are too cowardly to say them directly. Walsh is just a particularly obvious example. And no, none of the other National Review bloggers argued with him on this point.

I’m trying to imagine the shitstorm that would erupt if a feminist dare say men should forsake their right to vote until they shape up and start voting correctly. It certainly wouldn’t slide under the waters, like this did.

SOS Gant gets another FREE pass

I just caught this today;

Adelstein’s first secretary of state reform bill dies

The Senate State Affairs Committee killed a proposal to bar political activity by employees of the secretary of state’s office.

Sen. Stan Adelstein, R-Rapid City, had proposed banning the secretary of state or any employees of that office who oversee elections from endorsing, supporting or advising any candidates for political office.

He said he modeled his bill on the federal Hatch Act, which prevents most federal employees from engaging in partisan political activity.

But the committee voted 7-2 to kill his bill, saying they saw this as a question of ethics for those employees but not something that should be legislated.

So the ethics of the voting public should be legislated (abortion) but the ethics of state employees, specifically SOS employees should not legislated? Beisdes, I don’t think this is about ethics, it’s about doing the right thing. The person in charge of safe and fair elections should NOT be endorsing candidates, and his employees certainly should not be selling candidates campaign materials.

What are SOS Gant’s ambitions? (Guest Poster)

It is being reported in the national media the deeper ambitions of the Jason Gant financers, RSLC.  For those who might need a refresher course here it is.  In the election seasons prior to Jason’s ascension to the Secretary of State’s office in Pierre he was South Dakota’s leader of the Republican Senate Leadership Committee (RSLC).  We here at SouthDaCola.com have discussed at length during 2012.  In these articles we showed how the RSLC was dumping major money into their chosen equally right wing candidates.  These candidates are now running constitutional offices in Pierre and operating as circuit court judges.  These people are in office only because Jason Gant and the RSLC gave them the money and cover to win.

Major media outlets in presenting the RSLC to the broader audience are still missing the power and funders behind the RSLC.  The RSLC is not a Republican Party operation.  When we first look into it we thought so also.  The power and money is the Koch Brothers and their arm: ALEC.  Jason Gant and his ilk in the legislature are financed by out of state rich benefactors who care nothing of South Dakota or its people.  They only care about power.  The Kochs are accomplishing it through RedMap, The RSLC Redistricting Project.

The About page on the RedMap Project page tells us much:

What is redistricting and why does it matter?
At the conclusion of the 2010 national census, congressional seats will be reapportioned to each state.  The states with a shrinking population will lose congressional seats and states with a population boom will gain seats.  A massive effort to redraw state legislative and congressional lines will take place according to each state’s laws. The party controlling that effort controls the drawing of the maps – shaping the political landscape for the next 10 years.  In 38 states, governors and state legislators play a determining role in the redistricting process.

What is REDMAP? 
REDMAP (REDistricting Majority Project) is a program of the RSLC dedicated to winning state legislative seats that will have a critical impact on congressional redistricting in 2011.

How can REDMAP succeed? 
REDMAP succeeds with your help.  Only by staying up-to-date on the latest news, and engaging your friends and family about the importance of our effort, can we succeed.

How can I help? 
REDMAP is a grassroots effort.  We are funded solely through contributions from commonsense conservatives throughout the country – and we rely on grassroots conservatives as our best means of alerting fellow conservatives across the country to our efforts.  Make a donation here today.

Look at the bravado in the above quote.  RedMap is currently bragging about their successes in stealing the 2010 and 2012 elections from the citizens of their states.  Read their bragging points now on line.  Nowhere in the bragging does your voter rights ever get presented.

Senator Stan Adelstein of Rapid City has begun the process to clean up the SD Secretary of State office but the needs are much bigger.  We have a nation of gerrymandered states including South Dakota.  We currently have a one party state in South Dakota.  South Dakota is a cheap state.  We live in a state where politians are easily purchased.  Look at the finance records now coming on-line at the SOS website. We will be researching these records and will be reporting our findings.  With these records we will be updating our list of ALEC members who are working for their out of state masters.  You will be seeing who has allowed their South Dakota principles compromised by the Koch Brothers money.  Senator Stan needs our help to bring South Dakota fairness and sanity to Pierre.  We at SouthDaCola.com intend to help him.