UPDATE: Pat must be a little worried about the press, this is his website’s main page;

I also liked this little snarky graphic before you are sent to the above;

“Safe Elections? No problem. Would you like to buy a brochure? I know this great guy that can help you out with that, oh, ah, yeah, it’s me.”

I was pretty surprised to see that Pat is doing political consulting and marketing while working in the office that is in charge of fair and safe elections. I’m no constitutional lawyer, but if I am the only one that thinks this is a HUGE conflict of interest, there must be something wrong? Pat ran this business when he was still operating Dakota War College (which I still think he has a hand in) But I just assumed he gave it up when he ran off to Pierre with his Burger King buddy Gant.

But according to his website;

500 – Call for 2011-2012 pricing!
1,000 – Call for 2011-2012 pricing!
2,500 – Call for 2011-2012 pricing!
5,000 – Call for 2011-2012 pricing!
*Call for other sizes and quantities

And the address of the business has changed also;

Mailing Address:Pat Powers
235 West Broadway, Pierre, SD 57501

Hey, I am all for someone making an extra buck, but you probably shouldn’t be profiting from candidate marketing when you work in the SOS’s office.


I get a little nervous when Beavis and Butthead (Powers and Gant) cook up new ideas;

Gant had said that board members would be able to review proposed bills at the Nov. 29 meeting but changed his mind.

In a compromise, Gant emailed the seven bills to board members Tuesday evening, when they were notified of the Thursday meeting.

Gee, Jason, thanks for the head’s up. It seems with your technology master, Powers, you would have been able to figure out how to email the board your change suggestions well in advance. Guess not. Must have something to hide.

Gant’s style is a departure from the way his predecessor, Chris Nelson, handled proposed legislation with the board.

Nelson presented the bills in the fall and asked for input and the board’s blessing.

“I don’t know whether that was something Chris Nelson did because he wanted some additional input or wanted us involved, or it was something that we were required to do,” said board member Chris Madsen on Wednesday.

Exactly, why even have a board if King Gant is going to do whatever he wants to. Heh, Heh, you said Gant.


I expected controversy from the dynamic duo Gant and Powers in the SOS office to happen a lot sooner then this (of course we certainly don’t know what they have done so far);

Secretary of State Jason Gant attempted Tuesday to bypass the state board of elections — which has rule-making authority under state law — in approving new forms and introducing legislation.

And while an apology may be more appropriate we get this statement;

During his eight-year term, former Secretary of State Chris Nelson brought forth his proposed legislation to the board for its approval. But, he said, the secretary of state has final authority regarding whether to take it to the Legislature.

“I utilized the expertise of the board, in large part, to improve legislation that I was thinking about putting forth to the Legislature,” Nelson said.

Viken, who has been on the board since 1999, reminded Gant how legislative issues were handled by previous people in the office.

“I don’t care about the past,” Gant said.

Well you best start caring. You are the SOS of state, not chief rule maker.