I expected controversy from the dynamic duo Gant and Powers in the SOS office to happen a lot sooner then this (of course we certainly don’t know what they have done so far);

Secretary of State Jason Gant attempted Tuesday to bypass the state board of elections — which has rule-making authority under state law — in approving new forms and introducing legislation.

And while an apology may be more appropriate we get this statement;

During his eight-year term, former Secretary of State Chris Nelson brought forth his proposed legislation to the board for its approval. But, he said, the secretary of state has final authority regarding whether to take it to the Legislature.

“I utilized the expertise of the board, in large part, to improve legislation that I was thinking about putting forth to the Legislature,” Nelson said.

Viken, who has been on the board since 1999, reminded Gant how legislative issues were handled by previous people in the office.

“I don’t care about the past,” Gant said.

Well you best start caring. You are the SOS of state, not chief rule maker.


7 Thoughts on “SOS Gant finally showing his true colors

  1. But he’s republican!!!

  2. I don’t know, but can we get more insightful dialog than he/she is Rep or Dem? Both parties suck right now and if you don’t think so – you are part of the problem.

  3. Okay – but he’s a rancher/farmer!!

    BTW – I have known his aunt since we were in school together at USD in the late 60’s, and she is definitely NOT a Repub.

    He just grew up out in the country where they didn’t have to deal with this kind of community engagement – because there pretty much is NO COMMUNITY out there West of Geddes – and isn’t comfortable with it.

    Better Alice?

  4. SOS..ohhhhhhh….Sec. of State……..never mind, I thought it was about something on a shingle.

  5. Helga, that would be way too much SHIT to fit on a shingle.

    Can you imagine what the office chatter is like between Jason and Pat? They probably argue over whether to eat at Burger King of Mac D’s for lunch. Then fart the afternoon away. I bet both of them have candy bars in their office drawers, and viagra in their medicine cabinets. I feel sorry for the janitor that has to clean the SOS’s privy. Can you rent skid steers on the cheap in Pierre?

  6. When are people in this State going to start paying attention to who is running for office and quit just electing people because they have Republican after their name? Of course, nobody really pays attention. Just look at this EC/Arena fiasco in the making. Your last comment was funny tho’.

  7. But Pam, the GOP in SD has worked so well for us! Now if they could only eliminate public education funding all together (which is Doogard’s goal).

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