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Bravo to the City Council and Cathy Brechtelbauer!

The Sioux Falls City Council will be holding a special meeting at 5 PM on Tuesday to approve FREE youth ridership on the city busses for the summer. I don’t suspect any city councilor to vote against this.

Great Job! This is what happens when the city council shows great legislative leadership in getting things done for our town. It also shows they recognize a need in our community and support sustainability in transportation. I will say today that I am truly proud of my city and leadership in these efforts and thank city personnel for their timely and diligent cooperation.

And a big hand to citizen and youth advocate Cathy for getting the ball rolling on this!


So now our city clerk is the judge of what is ‘intentional’ or ‘unintentional’?


The city clerk’s new decision making aid

Curious story in the AL today about campaign finance disclosures;

City Clerk Lorie Hogstad said there’s no penalty for errors in the disclosure form as long as they’re not intentional. Candidates can file updates that are placed online alongside the originals, Hogstad said by email.

So Lorie, please explain how you know if it is intentional or not? Did you use a magic 8-Ball? So you are telling me, let’s take the mayor for example, that a man who marketed a subprime credit card doesn’t understand disclosures? There are pages and pages of disclosures on those applications. He clearly understands them, and not listing his revenue was very INTENTIONAL.

Now let’s compare him to a candidate who did file their disclosures;

State law requires all candidates to disclose any enterprise that provided at least $2,000 in income or more than 10 percent of their family income during the past year.

On one end of that spectrum, Schwan included a three-page list of 57 different individual municipal bonds she owns. On the other end is Huether, who listed general categories of investments: “mutual funds, stocks, bonds, investment property, ethanol, municipal bonds, money markets, annuities, IRAs.” In each of those, Huether said he is a “common shareholder” with no “advisory, consulting or voting role.”

Schwan asked Hogstad for guidance and was told she should list each bond. Gathering all that took several days.

“I wanted to make sure I was in complete compliance with the statement of financial interest,” Schwan said.

I know for a fact that Schwan’s question about what to disclose was probably brought before the city attorney. So why wasn’t this same advice granted to Huether, the city attorney’s boss? And if it was, why did it differ from what Schwan was told. Apparently if you ‘Play Stupid’ you don’t have to comply with the rules. Ignorance of the law is not excuse, and I am sure any judge in this county would agree with me.

I will give Schwan props for following the rules and for having the common sense to know ignorance, or pretend ignorance is no excuse. The mayor, not so much.

Remembering Janoct, RIP ‘King of the Hobos’


Hanging with Janoct at Jazzfest, he never missed one.


Campaign Material


Photo of Janoct I took at Black Sheep Coffee


Facebook Image


Painting I did of Janoct that hangs in his mother’s house

Not sure what to say after hearing about Janoct’s death today. The man lived a full life, and did some pretty crazy-wonderful things. Always a fixture in Sioux Falls. I first met Janoct outside of JAMZ in about 1994(?) playing his blues harp and I haven’t been able to shake him since, even after we got into fight last year about ‘city shit’ he actually made up with me, proving he was the better man. He even gave me ‘the shirt off his back’ once, when I told him I liked a blues t-shirt he was wearing.

We have had our differences, but I have always enjoyed talking to him (or should I say ‘listening’ to him). You will be missed.

Jamison to be on Greg Belfrage’s show Friday at 8 AM.

If the microphone was just a little bit closer I could put catsup and mustard on it and eat it like a hot dog . . .

My Cardinals (who I am still trying to photograph, sneaky bastards) in my Maple tree tell me Greg Jamison will be on Greg Belfrage’s AM talk show at 8 AM on Friday. Tune In: http://kelo.com/shows/show/greg-belfrage/#blog

Jamison will be explaining his ‘Boom Town’ statements.

Belfrage is skeptical, but he is also kinda mis-guided and a Huether defender. His Blog post about Jamison’s bid; http://kelo.com/blogs/the-daily-dose/742/jamison-faces-uphill-battle-in-quest-for-mayor/


Jamison to make it official

Greg Jamison will be publicly announcing he’s running for Mayor of Sioux Falls Tuesday, July 23, 10:30 A.M. at Campus Park, 1700 S. Summit (26th and Summit).

Is MMM trying to ‘Huether’ a ‘Wedgie’ on the Snowgaters?

Just reading the  Argus snowgates article and noticed SubPrime is blaming the snowgaters for his inability to order and use them right away.

“Huether said he would like to see them bought and used immediately, but the issue must wait until the April 2014 municipal election…”

Will he use the petition drive as a wedge issue? Sorry Mike, nice try, but here is the lowdown;

1) You allowed Council Chair Erpenbach to CENSOR us during the election meeting, even though YOU are the administrator of the meeting, and could have prevented it, then tried to wash your hands of it in an email to me a few days later.

2) You say you ENDORSE snowgates, but refused to sign our petition to allow people to vote on the issue.

3) The council denied our Spring 2013 election. If the election would have been allowed and snowgates passed, they would be in use by November 2013.

4) The council said that they didn’t BUDGET for a Spring 2013 election or for snowgates, so they could not go into affect Nov 2013. Yet you and the council appropriate and transfer funds at almost every council meeting through resolutions.

Keep pointing the finger Mike, in the mirror that is.

Is Steve Hildebrand considering a run for mayor?

Steve is no stranger to local politics, he helped with getting Huether elected, he was the force behind the BID group and he helped get President Obama elected as his deputy campaign manager. Steve is no fan of Huether and once said to me,

“I will do anything I can to make sure Huether is not re-elected.”

No love lost between the two I guess.

I received an email this afternoon that Steve may be considering running against the mayor in 2014 from a reliable source. I hope Steve commits, it could make for an interesting campaign season next fall.

SF Board of Ethics under fire, next Thursday

I will be in attendance. I can’t wait to see the Mexican hat dance performed by the city.

I said it during the campaign, and Huether has proved me right, he has never had an Events Center plan

Huether’s Event Center Plan

Gotcha! Huether finally admits that all his bullshit spin and talky-talk was just that;

“There has been no plan presented. There’s been none. There’s only been dialogue in terms of a potential vision of what it could be,” he said.

The dialogue – much of which Huether shared with councilors behind closed doors – included the $99.5 million facility to be built near the Arena and possibly tearing up nearly half of Earl McCart Fields for parking. The plan will also require a public vote. As residents discussed support and concern about a downtown location Monday night, there was confusion about what location the $500,000 would study. Jamison asked Huether for clarification about the location.

“There has been no plan presented to the people,” Huether responded. “So Councilor Jamison I can’t answer your questions because there is no plan.”

“So then to be crystal clear, this $500,000 is essentially another study,” Jamison said.

Like I said to Mike on a repeated basis in emails and on this website, he has NEVER had an Events Center plan, and finally, once put up against the wall by Jamison and Brown he had to admit it.

And what’s up with Hildy stealing Carter’s thunder?

This was a logo I designed for Carter in July.

I’m trying to figure out how this group came from nowhere? Who is really behind it? Hildy? Huether? This is a little suspicious to me. Their first post was August 28th;

Steven C. Hildebrand Downtown is a great entertainment district. Restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping and lots to do. Washington Pavilion, Falls Park, special events and soon, the re-opening of the Historic State Theatre. This is where the Events Center should be!

What’s the best way to win a mayoral race? Spend lot’s of money.

This comes as no surprise, Huether spent 2.4x more then Staggers. As I have said all along, this election was bought and paid for;

In total, Huether spent more than $240,000 for his campaign. Pat Costello followed with $166,000. Kermit Staggers spending more than $100,000, according to campaign finance disclosure statements.

While these numbers are not surprising, this one is;

Huether, a newcomer to the political arena, had more than $97,000 in in-kind contributions, according to city of Sioux Falls campaign finance disclosure statements. It was a hefty amount compared with Costello’s $15,000 and Staggers’ $1,750.

It shows the only real person financially supporting Mike was Mike. Of course he puts his best spin on it;

Huether, who spent $128,000 of his own money on his campaign, said contributing a fair amount of his own money was done in the “spirit of stewardship.”

That’s the biggest line of bullshit I have heard from him in a long time. Allowing you to be our mayor is hardly ‘stewardship’. You hate losing, so you spent as much as possible so that would not happen. It just goes to show how money has destroyed politics.

And this number is a little fuzzy also;

In total, Huether spent more than $37,000 for consulting during his campaign.

That’s interesting, because when I add up all the ‘consulting fees’ it comes close to $74,000. But who knows. Things are often listed twice on the financial reports. Heck, he could have paid Hildebrand a cool $100,000 and we would never know.