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It’s that time of the year, hosting fees are due, and if you would like to contribute, feel free to give to my PayPal account (you can also click on it in the Right sidebar). No donation is to small (or large).

As you know I volunteer my time to this site and sell very little advertising, I guess that is the downfall of being an independent in South Dakota. Maybe I need to start posting more press releases by Noem and Thune :)

Happy Holidays from Ferguson


(Image: Unknown)


Nielson to release polling soon.

As you can see Nielson hasn’t released a poll on 17 or the Senate race yet, but on everything else. I am told they will be releasing the remainder in the next couple of days.

SF City Council Public Input, 10/21/14, ‘The Dribble’

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Found in Canton

You can’t even go to the Courthouse in Canton without seeing MMM spreading his ‘LOVE’. FEMA money well spent.


Those Ugly, Hideous, Scary looking Solar Panels


The anti-green energy folks are rearing their UGLY heads again with the tired old argument about how a solar panel looks;

“We live out of Sioux Falls, but we’re still close enough to Sioux Falls so you pay for that when you move out here. To sell this house after that goes up, I don’t think anybody else wants to look at that.” Jana Peterson said.

No Jana, you don’t want to look at it. It’s solar panels, they make no noise and are almost completely motionless, and as Geronimo energy has pointed out, there will be a cornfield around them, so in some parts of the year, you won’t even see them, and besides, what if you do have to look at them? What is so ugly about solar panels? Seriously?! Studies have also shown solar farms don’t reduce property values. But, But, But, I’m not getting anything from it . . .

“It’s not going to make a difference on us, we’re on Southeastern Electric out here. It’s not going to help us, so why do we have to look at it to help their energy bills,” Peterson said.

Actually you are wrong, the more green energy we use it benefits us all by helping our environment.

Please people, get over your anti-global warming, anti-green energy rhetoric. Green energy is the smart way to go. I much rather live next to a solar farm or a wind turbine then a coal plant.

MMM gets a statue as well


RIP Robin Williams

My favorite comedian died, very sad today.

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Found on FB

Okay, so I saw these folks downtown today, wonder if they are protesting the ‘Stogeez Steakout’?


Family Museum

This my Great Great Uncle Emil Blachnik’s museum in Tabor, SD. Love when they turn on all the gadgets.

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