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City of Bell Scandal

With all the crap going on with the Parking Ramp, someone today in city government reminded me of this STORY. I had read it a few years ago, and it just shows when the stars align anything is possible;

The Bell scandal involved the misappropriation of public funds in Bell, California, United States, over a period of several years in the late 2000s. In July 2010, the Los Angeles Times published an investigative article on possible malfeasance in the neighboring city of Maywood, revealing that the city officials of Bell received salaries that were reported as the highest in the nation.[1] Subsequent investigations found atypically high property tax rates, allegations of voter fraud in municipal elections and other irregularities which heightened the ensuing scandal.[2] These and other reports led to widespread criticism and a demand for city officials to resign.[3][4]

In the end, seven Bell city officials, including former mayor Oscar Hernandez, former city administrator Robert Rizzo, assistant city administrator Angela Spaccia, and four city council members were convicted on graft and corruption charges, and were given sentences ranging from probation to twelve years in prison.[5]

This is a great example of why closed government, in any form is a NOT good thing.

Big Yellow (pink) House across the Pond

I will have to give props to Minnehaha CC Barth for sending me this story;

At Diter’s trial in January, the assistant public prosecutor Pierre-Jean Gaury said the work he had carried out on the property was a “pharaonic project, delusional, totally illegal and built in an illegal manner”.

It had been built in violation of urban planning regulations as well as of safety and environmental rules by an owner whose “only concern is money”, he said.

Sound familiar?

Daylight savings time. Why?

Recent interview with Michelle Obama

The Dark – movie screening – South Dakota Premiere

Johnny Roastbeef here, celebrate the Halloween season by going to a scary movie and supporting indie films in Sioux Falls. The Dark has been getting rave reviews and has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes right now. Check out the review from Variety

Horror mixes uneasily with psychological trauma as two abused teens — one a zombie — flee authorities in Justin P. Lange’s first feature.

Join IndiEvents and Club David, Wednesday, October 24 for the South Dakota Premiere of THE DARK.

THE DARK has played festivals around the world and won the best screenplay at The Fantaspoa International Fantasy Film Festival.

A murderous, flesh-eating undead young girl haunting the remote stretch of woods where she was murdered decades earlier discovers a kidnapped and abused boy hiding in the trunk of one of her victim’s cars. Her decision to let the boy live throws her aggressively solitary existence into upheaval and ultimately forces her to reexamine just how much of her humanity her murderer was able to destroy.

The screening will be at 7 PM and 9:30 pm Club David. Tickets are $8 in advance and $12 at the door.


We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Five Fingers for Marseilles – movie screening- SD Premiere

Five Fingers for Marseilles

Join Indievents and Club David, Thursday, October 17th, for the South Dakota Premiere of FIVE FINGERS FOR MARSEILLES.

This Western from South Africa has been generating quite a buzz from film festivals around the world! From the Toronto International Film Festival to Fantastic Fest, FIVE FINGERS FOR MARSEILLES has been getting critical praise.

Twenty years ago, the young ‘Five Fingers’ fought for the rural town of Marseilles, against brutal police oppression. Now, after fleeing in disgrace, freedom-fighter-turned-‘outlaw’ Tau returns to Marseilles, seeking only a peaceful pastoral life. When he finds the town under a new threat, he must reluctantly fight to free it. can he free himself from his past? Will the Five Fingers stand again?

From the press:

“…almost too entertaining for its own good.” – Variety

“…demonstrates both the durability and elasticity of the genre.” – LA Times

“The best Western of the year – a must-see masterwork of story and craft” –

Birth. Movies. Death.

You can watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWT0hJhMZwk

The screening will be at 7 PM and 9:30 pm Club David. Tickets are $8 in advance and $12 at the door.


We look forward to seeing everyone there!

The Queen of Holly Blvd – movie screening – SD Premiere!


Join Indievents and Club David, Thursday, October 11th, for the South Dakota Premiere of THE QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD BLVD.

THE QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD BLVD is the feature film debut of Orson Oblowitz. It is an homage to gritty grindhouse films and features the last on-screen role of Michael Parks.

On her 60th birthday, Queen Mary (Rosemary Hochschild) receives a visit from Duke (Roger Guenveur Smith), a gangster who shows up out of the past to take back her beloved, aging Hollywood nightclub, given to her 25 years ago. But Duke is not a guy to be messed with, and to ensure Mary lives up to her side of the bargain, he kidnaps her son Otto. With the help of a teenage runaway named Grace (Ana Mulvoy-Ten) and an old friend Chet (Michael Parks), Mary must navigate seedy Hollywood to save her son, her life, and her club.

Here is some press:

“THE QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD BLVD is beautifully shot and violent enough to quench the bloody thirst of exploitation cinema fans.” – Rue Morgue

“The film excels in its ability to find a role and story that are so typically suited to a man and then completely pushes it out of its comfort zone.” – Bloody Disgusting

“THE QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD BLVD brims with visual poetry. It’s an aesthetic feast that revels in the neon and sleaze of Hollywood” – Nightmare on Film Street

You can watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5WRNj8ozoQ

The screening will be, Thursday, October 11th at 7 PM and 9:30 pm Club David. Tickets are $8 in advance and $12 at the door.

Advance tickets are available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-queen-of-hollywood-blvd-movie-screening-south-dakota-premiere-tickets-50523567350

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Schlock-4K Restoration -John Landis/Art House Theater Day


Join Indievents and Club David, Sunday, September 23, as we celebrate Art House Theater Day. Indievents and Club David screen more truly independent and art house titles yearly than any other organization or theater in South Dakota. We are truly honored to be a part of Art House Day screening a title exclusively available on this particular day!

This year we are more than excited to be hosting a 4K restoration of John Landis’ first feature film, SCHLOCK.

The “Banana Killer” is at large and terrorizing a So Cal Suburb! Could the killer be the missing link? Will anyone be able to stop him?

SCHLOCK certainly is the missing link from creature features of the past to the filmmaker’s later creations like American Werewolf in London whose combination of creature horror and comedy influenced films for the last few decades. This is the film that preceded The Kentucky Fried Movie, The Blues Brothers, and American Werewolf in London. This is the film to see where Landis’ comedy and horror seeds were planted.

“A micro-budgeted monster comedy made when [Landis] was just 21 years old…while his filmography covers numerous genres, his heart has always belonged to creature features and monster movies. Crafted with creativity, confidence, and a legitimately funny sense of humor.” — Rob Hunter, Film School Rejects

“Grounded in his abiding love of silly gags, cheap monkey suits, monster movies and inside jokes, SCHLOCK contains many of the gags and themes found in such later John Landis classics as KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, albeit in embryonic form.” — Nathan Rabin, AV Club

The film has been restored in 4K and Art House Theater Day is the exclusive first day to see the absurdity in its full glory!

You can watch a trailer for the film here: https://vimeo.com/282357059

The screenings will be at 7 PM and 9:00 pm at Club David. Tickets are $8 in advance and $12 at the door.

Advance tickets can be purchased at Club David, Zandbroz Variety, or online here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/schlock-4k-restoration-john-landis-art-house-theater-day-tickets-49157830394

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

This is the weirdest Fish & Chips I have ever had

I WIN! Most public input presentations in the past year!

Not that there was a contest, but I beat out some fierce competitors. Sorry Zombie Fighter Mayoral Candidate, beat yah. Sorry drug dealer fighter. You are toast. Oh, and I beat cameraman Bruce and the disgruntled veteran. I have had 26 public inputs in the past year. DOC: 2018-06-18 Public Input Frequency (data from city clerk’s office)

And this is why public input is VERY important!

Don’t let the city council buffalo you with ‘compromises’ and threatening certain ‘factions’ we need to keep things just the way they are.

I am just a regular person who watches my city government, and I have proven over the past year you can give the maximum of yourself to make sure our local government operates at it’s highest potential.

So please, step up to the podium and don’t let the very powerful 1% of our community control your lives, you hold that right, guaranteed by the US Constitution and 1st Amendment.

Our founding fathers were not naive, they made this precious gift #1 for a reason, because they knew the best ideas came from the members of this Republic and not behind closed doors by the monied elite.