South DaCola Music Club w/ Acid Bath

I’ll admit, I am not a death metal fan, but this is one of my favorite hardcore albums. I’ve seen them play twice at the Pomp Room, and they are a scary looking bunch.

Review by B. Schaefer

I’ve never bothered to write a review for a CD on Amazon before, partially because I’ve never had the ambition, but mostly because I know nobody will care what I have to say anyway. However in this instance I feel it is my civic duty to expound on the absolute brilliance of this collection of 14 songs.

I picked this disc up on a whim from a seedy, hole-in-the-wall record store about 6 or 7 years ago. I’d heard the name “Acid Bath” floating around and the J.W. Gacy artwork caught my eye as I thumbed through the metal bin. For 10 bucks, I figured, I might as well. I was 16 and had nothing better to spend my money on. Little did I know at the time I’d be making the most worthwhile music purchase of my life.

Anything I can say in an internet review of the content of this album is a travesty, and couldn’t come close to doing it justice. The only thing I can think to say is that I had never before and have never since heard a selection of music crafted so flawlessly (outside of Mozart). There is not a single low point, not a single moment throughout the course of this CD that I would even consider skipping or passing by.

Raw and polished, discordant and harmonious, When The Kite String Pops runs the gamut in all forms of sonic genius. It demands attention and respect from the listener (and a little chemical assistance doesn’t hurt), but the reward is an incredible musical experience. Completely flawless.


#1 Joe on 11.06.08 at 11:56 pm

Amen, Long live Acid bath!! One of the top CD’s in my collection for more than a decade.

#2 monetdali on 11.08.08 at 12:22 am

GREAT CD — great live band too! long live acid bath is right!!!!!!!!!