Augustana & the Gargoyle Leader to host a ‘real’ economic forum

Hey guys! Our fine councilor Greg Jamison already had one of these and he made a list and everything.

“Ready to Rebound” is planned for June 3 on the Augustana campus, 2001 S. Summit Ave., leaders of both organizations announced at a Tuesday news conference.

Don’t forget the ALL BEEF hotdogs and a wireless microphone.

“We really see this conference as a way to give back to these businesses,” Beck said.

Since we have been robbing them blind for years in advertising rates and sophmoric food reviews.

Breakout sessions at the conference will include panel discussions with local business experts in marketing, real estate, finance, human resources and technology and the Web.

Huh? You mean you actually have an agenda? I thought all you needed to hold one of these events was an empty room at Carnegie Hall, a pot of coffee and a dozen sticky buns.

The whole event will end with an uplifting and inspirational speech by a Sioux Falls city councilor’s wife telling us how blessed we are and reminding us to be positive (even if you are lying).

BTW, don’t forget, real people die in floods unless we build an event center that centers around giving tax cuts to developers and building more parks.


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