Like I have said in the past, The SE Fair makes money, as long as people are not stealing from them

This is great news, and does not surprise me, the SE Fair made good money this year, in a down economy;

It was nearly five months ago when the Sioux Empire Fair came to the county for financial help. Tuesday, interim fair CEO Tryg Fredrickson gave the county a check to pay back that $216,000 loan.

“We had a good year, wasn’t great. But we’re still in the hole, we’re not out of the hole. We still got a lot of work to work ourselves out of it,” Fredrickson said.

Fredrickson said the net income of the 70th annual fair was up considerably compared to 2008, but sponsorship money was down.

And finally, a public official states the obvious;

Matt Adamski, who apparently was either incompetent or just stupid, who at this point we know, and he knows, that the gifts that he received were bought with stolen money. I would urge him to return those gifts,” Barth said.

It’s about time someone started connecting the dots.

“I’m delighted that you’re able to make me eat my words and pay us back and we can continue on with the fair, so congratulations,” Kelly said.

And I will have to agree with Dick Kelly, Congrats! It’s kinda like being mugged, you can either hide in fear, or you can get out of bed the next morning and walk to the bus stop, the SE Fair decided to walk to the bus stop.


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