Max Cleland  new book “How I Found The Courage To Survive Vietnam, Walter
Reed and Karl Rove.”

Listen to the story on Morning Edition:

He talks about how Bush — backed by Karl Rove’s political machine —
questioned his patriotism by airing attack ads that listed his votes on
homeland security bills that opposed President George W. Bush’s policies.

In the TV ads, those questions were accompanied by images of Osama bin Laden
and Saddam Hussein, followed by photos of Cleland that avoided depicting him
in his wheelchair — the visual and physical vestige of his service in

“There are plenty of reasons to go after me, but my military service is not порно видео со зрелыми ogli порно
one of them,” Cleland says. “Especially when I was running against a guy
that had no service in Vietnam and got out of going to Vietnam with a trick
knee and multiple deferments. He somehow became the American patriot, and I
became somehow less than that.”

3 Thoughts on “More proof that Karl Rove is a Big POS – The Max Cleland story

  1. POS doesn’t even begin to cover it. Rove and the r’s that went after Max Cleland have a special place in Hell reserved for them.

  2. The cowardly republicants lost me forever.

  3. This is a guy who grabbed a live grenade to save lives and they question his patriotism. UNFCKBLBLE

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