Indoor pool advocates still going batshit crazy over the fact that they lost to democracy

Word on the street is that the Gargoyle Leader and a handful of parents of swimmers are pushing for another public indoor pool. It seems the elites in this town just can’t let something die. As I pointed out before the Drake Springs vote, there is over 30 indoor pools in Sioux Falls and over 8 private pools that you can pay an admission to and swim at. I would have been behind an indoor pool plan if we lived in a town of a couple thousand people and didn’t have an indoor pool already, but that is not the case. The indoor pool vote failed for numerous reasons, and money had little to do with it. Location and size (non-competitive) had a lot to do with it. Even the Snowfox swim team opposed it in the end. The indoor pool failed because the city not only failed to listen to the people that were against it, but they failed to listen to the people that were for it. Rumor is that they are trying to get it back on the ballot in April or November. A word of advice; listen to the public. An indoor pool would be great, but factor in some ideas that make sense

• Make it a partnership with the SF School District so it gets optimal usage

• Build it with competitive lanes

• Build it either at Lincoln or Roosevelt HS

People are always quick to blame old poor people for why these plans fail at the voting booth. Did they ever think they fail because they are poor plans? The indoor pool at Drake Springs was a poor plan, admit it already and move on with a SMART plan supported by all citizens.


#1 Hamerhead on 02.11.10 at 6:45 am

Have to agree, the wheels did not listen to anyone about the indoor pool issue. The swim teams did not back it because it did not have enough lanes for swim meets. The city could get some tax revenue when they have swim meets from the people travelling here for them. They have one during the summer @ Frank Olson and the place is packed with people from out of town. Another bonehead decision coming out of 9th St.

#2 Ghost of Dude on 02.11.10 at 11:27 am

It’s funny that way. They’ll build a huge soccer complex that is off limits to anyone not playing a league game just to bring in tournements and tax revenue, but don’t understand how it would work with swim meets.

No, we have to have our giant outdoor waterpark with a lazy river and zero-entry pool because it’s impossible to have fun swimming in a pool that doesn’t have all kinds of toys and fountains.

#3 rufusx on 02.11.10 at 7:02 pm

If the citizens of SF would care to – the school district and city of Lennox would gladly accept their contributions toward construction of a competition-sized pool atteached to the new Lennox HS. There’s even a sopace reserved for it on the South side of the gym. This would also present a terrific opportunity to establish a regular transit route between SF and Lennox with a stop at the pool. Memberships available monthly, annually or seasonally. In return, Lennox could abandon the idea of building a new outdoor waterpark with a lazy river and zero-entry pool and send kids to SF to swimm outdoors for the 6 weeks of summer the outdoor pools are open on said transit route.