It seems ‘Justice’ doesn’t exist in SF under the Home Rule Charter

It has been over 5 months since Dan Daily vs. the City of Sioux Falls closing arguments were heard, and still no verdict. You would think with the wealth of experience that a judge like Caldwell has, a verdict could be hammered out in an afternoon. Guess not. My prediction all along was that this was dragged out (for over 3 years now) because #1 – Dan has won the case #2 – Heads will roll in the current city administration if the verdict is released before the April 13th city election.

What’s at stake? Who could get in trouble?

First off let’s start with the minor players;

Bill Peterson, who wrote the unconstitutional charter is running for mayor, can you imagine the implications to his campaign if a judge says the charter is unconstitutional, he would be toast (well, he really is anyway, since he has been all over the map lately)

Then there’s former SD Supreme Court Judge, city attorney, ‘Smilin’ Bob Admundson. Can you imagine how this might tarnish his reputation, even though he will be crawling back into retirement after his stint with Munson.

Then there is assistant(?) city attorney Shawn Tornow, who has obstructed this case all along the way, saying everything from he has the sniffles to his dog ate his evidence.

And let’s not forget the code enforcement officer who got this ball rolling, who was mysteriously let go from the highway patrol after the Janklow/Scott accident investigation.

Then there is Munson himself, who probably wants to leave office on a good note, of some kind. 🙂

Caldwell, stop dragging your feet, you are fooling no one. Issue your verdict already.

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#1 John2 on 03.03.10 at 7:23 am

Don’t hold your breath.
Judge Caldwell, if Supreme Court appeals are any indication, is one of the most over-turned judges in South Dakota.
It would be prudent to prepare for an appeal.

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