Kylie Huether; The Daily Show is not a credible news source (H/T – TCC)

Yeah, because like, MSNBC, CNN and FOX news are;

“Teens are Wired”
By Kylie Huether
Teenagers have a reputation of being lazy and careless when it comes to staying up to date in the world of politics. Of course there will always be the exceptions like myself who choose to pride themselves on being well informed US citizen and choose to be active members in the local politics. This select few will become the leaders of tomorrow, but ignorant followers who are emerging due to new technological advancements will destroy democracy as we know it. The current generation of teenagers spend ungodly amounts of time in front television sets and computer screens. Plus, nobody can forget the iPod, BlackBerry, MP3 and camera cell phone crazes which have captivated the lives of many America’s. Teens can only be described as wired, a scary fact. Every teenager is wired to an electronic device which could hold endless opportunities for advancements. Unfortunately, their uses are not in the areas of educating the public on foreign policies, current events or basically anything worth while. Entertainment is the main focus and in some instances the public may become dumber by wasting their time on these machines.
Instead of receiving information from highly acclaimed news sources, teenagers are choosing to watch MTV and the Daily Show. This is a problem. Teens do not comprehend the dramatic impact politics plays in their lives. The attitude towards politics in the eyes of many teens is “who cares.” They wonder why they should waste time watching politicians attack opponents with negative campaigning. When time could be better utilized watching reality television programs where everything is make-believe and does not affect people’s personal life. The easy alternative is not always the most worth while.
When a teenager is looking for information to write a research paper the first word that pops into their mind is Google. They see Google as a quick, easy, accessible choice. When there are thousands of reliable sources to click on teens go and believe everything Google has to offer. Do not get me wrong Google has saved my grades on numerous sleepless nights, but this technology teaches students to forget about old school source like the public library, old newspapers, and radio broadcasts. Students need to strive to receive creditable information.
New technology has created the unnecessary need for speed. Multi-billion dollar companies are competing to create the next obsession. My fear is that America is moving to fast and loosing quality in the race.

Funny she would bring up public libraries. She should ask her father what he thinks of funding them.


#1 Scott on 10.01.11 at 10:41 am

“Of course there will always be the exceptions like myself who choose to pride themselves on being well informed US citizen and choose to be active members in the local politics.”

Wow, she thinks pretty highly of herself.

#2 Pathloss on 10.01.11 at 12:47 pm

If she supports democracy, she should pressure her father to repeal Marxist Home Rule & restore civil procedures due process.

#3 Pathloss on 10.01.11 at 12:50 pm

She could become governor of Minnesota after a career as a midget wrestler.

#4 Scumbag Steve on 10.01.11 at 4:38 pm

I’m not a huge backer of MyManMike, but it’s pretty weak to go and dig up his daughter’s blog post from 2006. She had to be around 16-17 when she wrote that.

#5 Helga on 10.01.11 at 8:41 pm

And just what “radio broadcasts” would one go to for “old school sources?” The only radio broadcasts that have been around for the last 20 years are right wingers, Clear Channel. Not a good source of informed information to use on a school paper.
I could go on but I will spare everyone.

#6 Detroit Lewis on 10.01.11 at 9:32 pm

Steve – I did not find this, it was forwarded to me from someone who didn’t know where it came from, so I did a search, and besides her salary for working for Tim Johnson in 2010, this was the only other thing that came up. She did write it on a blog, so it is ‘out there’. Besides, did she say anything bad? Her opinion may have changed a bit in 6 years, but I don’t see anything damaging in her post. I just thought it was funny considering who her dad was, that’s all.

#7 l3wis on 10.01.11 at 9:34 pm

Scott – You have to realize she wrote this when she was a teenager – and you them – they KNOW EVERYTHING!

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