The charter revision commision decided today to make their meetings ‘working sessions’ and have them in the commons room instead of the main room (so they won’t be recorded) The public can still attend and give input. Surprisingly enough Knudson was the only member who defended keeping the meetings recorded. She argued most people will be working at the 3:30 PM time they hold the meetings, and they should be able to view them later on the internets. She said it was about ‘Openness and Transparency’ in government. Bravo De! The working sessions, where they will make changes to the city charter in the unrecorded meetings can be attended by the public. And when they finally vote on the changes at the end of the year, they will be recorded.

When De suggested that all the meetings should be recorded, you didn’t hear a peep out of the rest of the members, except that it will be ‘easier’ for them to work in the other room, one member said ‘they liked the table’ in the Ante room. I think after last year’s SNAFU, the CRC wants to keep what they are doing on the lowdown. This is unfortunate. KUDOS to Knudson for a least making an attempt at keeping the meetings recorded.

By l3wis

3 thoughts on “SF Charter Revision Commission member De Knudson, defender of open and transparent government?”
  1. I was at the meeting.

    I believe De really does want the sessions to be transparent.

    Thank you.

    It was Thimjon and Gregerson who were “pushing” for the meetings to NOT be recorded.

    It was one of the “strangest” City meetings I have ever attended!

    First, they acknowledged that few citizens know much about the Charter.

    Then, Thimjon proceeds to promote the work sessions because, “Last year people were submitting suggestions to us and we were just responding. The work sessions will give us more background when someone suggests a change, and we will be better able to respond.”

    First, Mr. Thimjon, you are one of four Charter Commission members, why are you NOT already completely familiar with the document that guides our city?!!

    Secondly, they are going to take public input at the work sessions.

    So, would someone please tell me how this is any different from holding an open, transparent meeting in the council chambers which can be viewed by all citizens?!!

    I was at the charter revision meetings last year when “the suggestions” Mr. Thimjon refers to were made. It is quite obvious, his desire to have their next three meetings NOT be recorded is for self-protection, and NOT for the purpose of helping the public understand our City’s Constitution.

    The first three chapters of the Charter they will discuss at the October meeting are:

    I. Powers of the City

    II. City Council

    III. The Mayor

    In “the spirit of open and transparent government,” since they have made the CHOICE to NOT record this meeting, I am going to make certain that the media attends………….

    they can provide the public with a report of the meeting.

  2. CR – I was a bit surprised De supported this. Maybe she learned something from the CRC snafu last Fall and getting her butt handed to her by Kermit, that actually responding to the public and being honest and open will never bite you in the butt down the road.

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