I am not against bonuses for employees, even in the public sector, but I am not sure how you measure performance of a clerk employee and come up with a dollar amount for that bonus (Item #28). According to this document (payforperformance);

Performance shall be assessed annually based on the following three-level scale of performance: exceeds performance expectations, meets expectations, and failed to meet expectations.

Call me crazy, but if you are exceeding expectations, you would receive a raise, if you are meeting expectations, you get a COLA raise and keep your job. If you are not meeting expectations, you lose your job. Pretty simple I would think?

Not sure who cooked up this idea, but I think these employees are already WELL compensated for doing their jobs. The firing of Debra Owen is costing us more and more everyday.

By l3wis

7 thoughts on “So now we are going to pay city clerk’s office employees for ‘Performance’?”
  1. All this is doing is adjusting the salary range for these positions — presumably by the same % COLA that regular city positions [including the Assistant Clerks] are getting for 2013. Then the Council, probably Operations Committee, will determine what the actual salary for each person will be.

  2. Here’s an idea… Why don’t we citizens vote on their salary based on how much and how least they screwed us? I guara-freaking-ntee certain city employees (you know some of them) will be getting no pay at all or end up owing us. 🙂

  3. We owe Debra Owen back performance pay. Being fired looks good on her resume. Anyone leaving city emoloyment is a patriotic hero wotth a higher position in state government.

  4. Typically, “expectations” are established at the annual perfromance review. They are set as performance goals, agreed to between the employee and the manager regrading the employee’s performenace for the coming year. They are also typically very specific and measurable. Something like – answer 95% of written requests for information within 48 hours (for example). To dtermeine whther or not the performance goals were met – you keep a log of receipts and repsonses. OR, if there is no exiting way of tracking said requests – you set a goal of “track all written requests and responses” as the performance goal for this year – then, the next year you do a “respond to 98%…..” goal. It is poart of the CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) process.

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