So this is interesting;

The swapping works like this: A donor gives the maximum to Candidate A donates to Candidate B — and in return, a donor or friend of Candidate B gives an identical amount to Candidate A.

A Daily News review of 2010 federal fundraising records found more than 20 transactions that suggest supporters of Grimm and candidates in California, South Dakota, Illinois and Virginia swapped donations totalling more than $75,000.

One set of transactions involved Grimm himself:

On March 31, 2010, Grimm and Durand each gave $2,400 to Blake Curb, a Republican making a longshot bid for Congress in South Dakota. And on the same day, Allison Bolger, an accountant in a Sioux Falls, S.D. firm headed by Curb, donated $4,800 to Grimm.

5 Thoughts on “Seems former congressional candidate Curd may have some explainin’ to do (H/T – Helga)

  1. Lamb Chislic on January 29, 2014 at 10:07 pm said:

    Grimm is a real class act. He pulled this stunt last night shortly after the SOTU: http://blogs.rollcall.com/218/michael-grimm-threatens-to-throw-reporter-off-balcony-video/.

    Certainly calls into question Denny Doogard’s vetting process when he handpicked Curd to fill the vacant District 12 state senate seat last summer.

    Blake CurB?!? LMAO!!

  2. Winston on January 30, 2014 at 12:06 am said:

    Apparently, Curd (Curb) is the BOD Chairman for SMP (Surgical Management Professionals) and Allison Bolger is the CFO of this corporation:


    What a coincidence that both Curd and Bolger would have an interest in a far away Congressional race.

  3. Yeah, interesting.

  4. i12doit on April 19, 2016 at 5:52 am said:

    If this is the same Dr. Curd from Orthopedic Institute, a friend of mine had a billing where she had seen Dr. Curd, when in fact she had NEVER seen him. It was paid by her worker’s comp insurance.
    This Native American lady, was seeing another Orthopedic Surgeon there and was having some issues with the staff. I encouraged her to look at her medical records and she got a copy of them. Well, Julie Dunn who was a Nurse at Orthopedic Institute at the time this young person was a patient there had actual documentation in this individual’s file as a Nurse for Orthopedic Institute. She was a treating Nurse for this patient. As I reviewed these medical records, I found several inconsistencies. One, Dr. Curd was on the Billing and was NEVER seen and the bill was paid by the comp insurance company. Two, Julie Dunn who then worked at Orthopedic Institute had now become an independent case manager outside of Orthopedic Institute, was working for the insurance company who was paying the comp for this injured worker, that she, Julie Dunn (any city connection? Does Dunn ring a bell?) had previously treated as a Nurse at Orthopedic Institute. So, Julie Dunn becomes the case manager for an injured Native American Female, whose file she had previously documented in while employed at Orthopedic Institute but now was working for the other side, this time instead of the patient, the other side was, the insurance company. Where are the ethics here? This is a clear conflict of interest. There is also documentation that this lady was seen at Orthopedic Institute on a specific day, when in fact she had NOT been. When she disputed the claim, they would not remove it out of her file but instead sent her a letter at the time, stating something to the effect of, that was the Nurse’s understanding at the time. This inconsistency was caught by me while reviewing the medical audit time line. There are many, many inaccuracies in the time and documentation much of which were disputed and were blown over with a power play. Finally, they hired a high dollar Lawyer from Woods and Fuller to keep her at bay. Yeah, if this is the same Dr. Curd from Orthopedic Institute I’m not surprised and I’m not sure but I think Julie Dunn may have a husband that is a City Engineer. You talk about discrimination? This privately owned institution took this young Native American female violated her like I have never seen and spit her out like a bloody chitlen. Once confronted with a mound of evidence of the conflict of interest by Julie Dunn, numerous inaccuracies in her medical file, the bringing up the billing of Curd being paid by the Comp insurance company when she was NOT seen by him, they kicked her out of the institution. What a corrupt system. She originally was being seen for a bulging disc which showed on the MRI. Oddly enough, when Julie Dunn became the case manager (after working at Orthopedic Institute with prior knowledge of this comp case) it became an SI joint issue. And, the Doctor who did her independent exam (Who was not an Orthopedic Doctor but is affiliated with Avera also) wrote a prescription for an SI belt, that was dated 5 days after the patient picked up and signed for an SI belt at Orthopedic Institute’s Physical Therapy department. What is odd, Julie Dunn had documentation in this lady’s file of having knowledge this lady was given a back brace while she, Julie Dunn worked at Orthopedic Institute. It was on her own letter head in the medical file. Ryan, at Orthopedic Institute’s Spine Therapy told this young lady that Julie Dunn had looked in her medical file and said she previously had an SI belt and not a back brace. (This is untrue according to documentation). This was a grave injustice. We talked to an Fraud Investigator from the DCI (who admitted his own wife was a nurse) and pointed out the inconsistencies and apparent fraud. He treated this young Native American like she was a criminal. He wanted full access to her medical file but she only offered it on an as needed basis. Nothing was ever done and he seemingly insinuated that she was a drug addict by his line of questioning. When in fact, she had never one time abused any medication. Yep, good ole South Dakota. Still treating Native American’s like shit with impunity.

  5. i12doit on April 19, 2016 at 6:09 am said:

    What else is sickening, the Native American lady mentioned that was receiving treatment for her work injury at Orthopedic Institute, had a diagnosed mental disability.
    When applying for her disability with SSI, she stated to me that the Judge said he was throwing out Orthopedic Institute’s stuff because it was discriminatory. She did receive a full mental disability though, which included being dated back to when she was a patient at Orthopedic Institute. It’s bad enough taking advantage of Native American’s but a Native American with a diagnosis of Severe ADHD (must have looked like an easy target), Depression, PTSD with a history of being abused by people who had power over her, speaks volumes of what was allowed to happen. Fuckin’ Sad!

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