Maybe someone needs to ‘Educate’ Pat about how our city is wasting our taxdollars (Guest Post, Bruce Danielson)

Mr. Lalley of the AL does not seem to understand our recent petition action. So I guess we need to help him.

This petition drive is not to demean our public servants. We need our public employees to keep our system running. What our movement is about is really quite simple.

Our petition drive is simple, it is Constitutional. We have elected leaders, appointed directors and paid news personalities currently shooting from the hip in fear of the public. The public wishes to have a free and open discussion concerning issues touching their lives. We the public, wish to properly debate with our neighbors without our taxpayer treasury being turned against us, the very same public.

In our current petition movement, we are asking the citizens to use Mr. Lalley’s words, their best efforts at “Reason” “Research” “Facts”.  When there are issues to debate and the people rise up, demanding a place at the table of discussion through the petition movement, the official government must step back.

A properly lead government will have a trove of studies and reports outlining community needs. These reports should be written without a predetermined point of view. It is with unbiased report and study results, a proper discussion / debate can be attained. Our current city leadership feels the public needs to be lead to their conclusions without knowing the “Reason” “Research” “Facts”.

We do not want pretty pictures of four color, 3-D presentations of concepts not being seriously considered to be the basis of the discussions. We want real “Reason” “Research” “Facts”.

Our petition movement does not restrict city employees or elected officials from partaking in the citizen effort as everyday citizens.

Our petition effort does not stop the presentation of ideas from the different citizen groups. Citizens of Sioux Falls have many ideas to present in each of these four issues.

Our petition effort does not stop city employees from partaking in the discussions and debate as average citizens.

Our petition effort does not stop elected officials from partaking in the discussions and debate as average citizens.

Our petition effort encourages city employees TO sign petitions. Their supervisors cannot browbeat a city employee or contractor because of a signature.

Our petition effort prevents city officials from restricting their employees constitutional right to be part of the debate.

Our petition efforts does stop the expenditure of taxpayer revenue from being spent on the debates.

Our petition effort stops the use of official office, position , power and money from be in used by city officialdom.

We voters of the city of Sioux Falls are legal adults, we have been educated to understand, reason and act. We do not need a city official with a vested interest in a plan or plans to “educate” the populace, interfering in the debate.

The reason any of these petitions are before the voters this spring, stems from the official bureaucrats possibly returning favors? Wanting to implement a 50 year plan their grandparents wanted? Settle an old personal score? We the public, who pays the bill, says in these efforts, “We don’t know and we want to find out”.

So to make it very clear, we don’t have anything against our fellow citizens who work for us as city employees or bureaucrats. We appreciate the hard work they perform on our behalf. We wish to have them as part of our public debate. They are our fellow citizens who have to put up with much.

Mr. Lalley has a cute phrase he uses to which can be used to demean us, “Best Little City in America”. If you are going to use this phrase Mr. Lalley, you have a lot to understand. We have a lot of people who wish to be heard to make it better.  The people wish to be heard without filters paid for by our own tax dollars. If the officials feel they need to defend themselves on these citizen ballot efforts, they are citizens. So speak up as citizens, without using your citizen paid for office budget to finance your place at the decision table. The public wants a real debate. We want real “Reason” “Research” “Facts” to make this the Best Little City in America.

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#1 pathloss on 02.11.14 at 9:41 am

Of worthy note: A third of city employees live outside city limits. They have no say and no vote. When you move here, you’re still not heard but petitioners are working on this.