Where to sign the School District ‘start date’ petition

People can sign at the following:

Josiahs – DT

Taylor’s Pantry – 41st and Minnesota

EmBe – Dt or 69th & Louise

Relic Revivals – Bridges at 57th

Try It Again – 41st and Western

Salon Montage -  east side – 26th St. (next to Bagel Boy)

Sola Salons – 69th and Minnesota #23

Body Works – 57th and Louise (next to Cherry Berry)

Petitions can be notarized at any bank or at Lockwood Law on 6th & Main

Notarized petitions (no matter how many signatures) need to be turned in by Thursday to Lockwood Law or 1708 S Williams Ave.

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#1 Dan Daily on 05.06.14 at 10:12 am

The new George McGovern middle school has transport issues. Access is 2 lane rural road with ditches and no sidewalk. Imagine junior high kids walking a mile to school along a traveled roadway. There isn’t enough parking and no bus turnaround. It’s obvious the schools superintendent and the mayor don’t have kids. No parent would have their kids dodging cars and buses.

How about widen the road with sidewalks and storm sewer. Spend 11 million here instead of on an indoor pool.