Great Life Fitness, Tom Walsh, offer pennies on the dollar for Brandon’s municipal golf course

The big story at the Brandon city council meeting last night was when they revealed the bogus deal offered to them by Great Life Fitness. As they are going around gobbling up fitness centers and golf courses in the region, they seem to be doing it on the cheap.

Brandon wasn’t selling what Great Life wanted to buy.

Notice the interest from our Mayor and Public Works director. Great work by my SouthDaCola camera man, “Bob the Barracuda.”


#1 Sy on 11.18.14 at 11:56 pm

Walsh isn’t stupid. I’m guessing he looked at the financials and like any investor offered them a fair price considering what he needs to do to turn it around. It’s not like it comes with excess land to develop.

If the place was a cash cow they wouldn’t be considering selling it, let’s just hope they don’t decide to turn it into a sewage lagoon.

#2 l3wis on 11.19.14 at 8:20 am

Sy, if you watch the video, especially at the beginning, you will hear Zane say the actual deal Walsh was offering would have put the city in the hole on the deal because they are still paying off the clubhouse loan.

#3 Oliver Klosov on 11.19.14 at 9:29 am

It doesn’t matter how much they have in it or how much they still owe on it; it’s worth what the operational data and financials say it is worth. They’ve been made an offer based on this data. If Brandon thinks they can continue with their business plan for the course and to service the debt and maintain or build an asset for the city then they don’t need to accept the offer. Walsh’s offer isn’t an insult and he isn’t trying to get it “on the cheap”. He’s offering what he calculates as being an amount that will allow him to operate his enterprise profitably. It’s no personal, it’s just math.

#4 Sy on 11.20.14 at 10:34 pm

Walsh also knows that he’s going to siphon off a lot of their customers once his golf/fitness lifestyle enterprise kicks into full gear. Brandon isn’t going to be able to hang with them unless they invest money and lower prices which they won’t do. This offer will look great compared to what they will get after a few more years of bleeding cash. They are making decisions based on egos & emotion as opposed to economic realities, glad I don’t live there.

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