Great SOTU address

SD-WEEK-103-BUSH-OBAMA-LAUGHING-3-24-09Probably one of the better ones I have heard in a long time. I watched the WH version and it had dual screens with statistics. As this evaluation of the facts point out, the President did exaggerate a bit, but he also has turned around the country economically in 6 years after 8 years of the worst American president ever;

Private Sector Job Growth

The president was correct when he said the U.S. has gained 11 million private sector jobs in the past five years.

Obama: And over the past five years, our businesses have created more than 11 million new jobs.

That’s true as far as it goes. The economy gained 11,215,000 private sector jobs between February 2010 and the preliminary figures for December of last year.

Of course, the president said nothing of the 4,210,000 private sector jobs that were lost during the first 13 months of his tenure as president, due to the savage recession that was raging at the time he took office.

Overall, since Obama took office, the net gain in private sector employment is just over 7 million. And the gain in total employment during his time in office is lower than that — just under 6.4 million. That’s because of a net loss in government jobs, particularly in local school systems.

Of course The Three Stooges, our congressional delegation, cried about tax credits to the middle class and increase on taxes to the rich. Big surprise.



#1 Dan Daily on 01.21.15 at 1:12 pm

Obama popularity waned but there should be an uptick after last night. I’ve doubted his leadership lately. However, his actions are one way to amend into the future. Obamacare is a nightmare but the old system had nearly failed. Perhaps the new system can be fixed so that citizens have health care. Obama wound down the middle east wars and will close Guantanimo. We no longer need oil from Muslim countries and isn’t it time we mind our own business and focus on our hemisphere. Obama vetoes Keystone. I disagreed but with low oil prices it doesn’t pay out and we’ll ship to Houston then abroad cheap oil we should keep here. No doubt the next president will be republican. Beats Hillary. Instead of taxing the rich, how about bringing back overseas profits (trillions) tax free provided it’s invested in manufacturing and production. This injection should reinvigorate the economy such that everyone’s working and (despite tax brackets) wages rise to the cost of living with extra income for middle class treats.

#2 teatime on 01.21.15 at 6:43 pm

Better check how many of those 11 million new jobs are comparable in wages and number of hours of work when compared to the lost jobs.