Another Karsky suggestion . . .


While Dean doesn’t care who puts shingles on your roof, he seems to be very concerned about who is drinking malt liquor;

Karsky said Sioux Falls law enforcement is overburdened with alcohol related problems, and the calls that come in tend to cluster in specific areas of the city – downtown and the Whittier and Pettigrew Heights neighborhoods. “Alcohol-impact areas” – places where alcohol-nuisance calls are most frequent – could be established with more restrictive booze rules, Karsky said.

Dean, we tried this thing called ‘Prohibition’ it didn’t work out so well. Did you take American History in High School? Did you go to High School? Alcoholism is a disease, they will find a way to get a drink, you are not going to fix anything.

What I want to know is what yahoo on the chamber made you be the poster boy of this idea? They owe you a drink . . . that is at least 40 ounces.

Erickson says it best;

City Councilor Christine Erickson said she’s open to discussing the alcohol rules on the books in Sioux Falls, but questioned whether banning single sales in select areas of the city would significantly reduce the number of alcohol nuisance complaints. She’s concerned also about the unintended consequences of alcohol impact areas.

“I understand the reasoning behind it. My concern is, too, are they going to get in the car and drive somewhere else to get it? Now we would just be encouraging them to get behind the wheel,” she said.

Erickson said a ban in specific areas of town wouldn’t alleviate the problem, only move it, similar to what happened when the council banned alcohol from Van Eps and Tower parks.

“It’s kicking the can down the road again. That was my concern when we banned the alcohol at Van Eps as well. We weren’t really fixing anything – just telling them to go back into the neighborhoods,” she said.

Besides her great points, I also would like to point out that I think product designations are up to the state and maybe the county. Don’t know, but I think the City of Sioux Falls learned the hard way about trying to limit video lottery. They lost in SD Supreme Court. They seem to be very good at that.


#1 The Daily Spin on 06.15.15 at 10:10 pm

I remember a time when public service was paying back for how well you prospered. All the president’s on Mt. Rushmore were wealthy but gave back to the point of becoming impoverished. I, for one, have no respect for any on the council or the mayor. It was your watch while city debt became half a billion and higher government deemed ordinances unconstitutional to the point of tyrany. Recovery is not possible without bankruptcy and prosecution. The one smart person was Mr. Entenmen for recognizing his assets were threatened. This is not the government I support. How can you ask for respect when every decision disappoints the public?

#2 LJL on 06.15.15 at 10:57 pm

Yep…And smaller cola bottles will eliminate fat people. What a dumbass.

Karksy could’t be any more clueless.

#3 Poly43 on 06.16.15 at 8:22 am

Double standard anyone? While alcohol consumption must be addressed on the other side of the tracks…. Unlimited alcohol sales rise at any number of SF EVENTS. Show me a SF event and I’ll show you unlimited and unchecked alcohol consumption with a wink and a nod from those in charge of tempering this kind of abuse.

#4 The Daily Spin on 06.16.15 at 9:56 am

Huetherville, an interesting tag. Hooverville’s were the shanty towns at the beginning of the Great Depression. Is this what he’ll cause for the city and state?

#5 anominous on 06.16.15 at 11:13 am

Nothing like drinking cheap mouthwash for alcohol. Thanks, everyone.

#6 OldSlewFoot on 06.16.15 at 7:41 pm

Dean must have been at a Get N Go and saw somebody buying a beer cannon with dimes, nickels and pennies. Happens all the time, Dean, I see it weekly. Not sure what restrictions will curb this behavior. You can see it any time of day, starting right away in the morning. Those Hooveround scooters have a long range so Dean might have to close down the whole town to the large cannons. Some of these neighborhoods already are food deserts, now Dean wants to make them beer cannon deserts.

#7 The Daily Spin on 06.18.15 at 8:47 pm

It’s Karsky’s minute of fame. He got his name in the paper. Now, it’s up to me to show up at parks every day passing out free single cans from lots of cases. Anything that works to make this councilor look more foolish than the others.