Tuesday would be a good night to be conveniently sick if you are a Sioux Falls city councilor

The council meeting is jampacked with several controversial items that may be debated, this could possibly be one of the longest city council meetings in years. Ironically it may be over quick to (Dr. Staggers will be absent 🙂 Of course you won’t be able to watch it unless you have an old PC with internet Explorer, all others be scorned.

A listing of the more interesting items;

#1, Approval of Contracts. Apparently the Falls Overlook Cafe needs some erosion control for a cost of over $100K. Would be nice to pull this out of the consent agenda so our consultant happy engineering department could explain what this was for.

Also we are handing over a nice check of $275K to the Development Foundation like we do every year, but who has time to explain what they will do with the money? Just hide it in the consent agenda.

#26, Someone owes the city over $31K in occupancy taxes, but who is it? You could read all the documents until you are blue in the face and you won’t figure it out. It’s actually the EconoLodge, but no where in the pending documents will you see it. I find it ironic when a business is filing for a re-zoning or owes the city money, they try their best to hide the person behind it. But if Grandma Jones owes the city $23 for tree trimming, you will be sure to see her name with the address. So much for transparency.

#27, The city council will just finish their budget hearings at 3 PM, and turnaround at 7 PM right away propose a resolution to approve the budget, and you can read the almost $500,000 million dollar budget on this handy two-page PDF in 4 point type (DOC: City-Budget-2015). I think this is just to set a hearing date.

#34, they finally get back to talking about tax increases when you are talking about tax increases. I wonder if a week was long enough for the city attorney’s office to pull their heads out and help the council write resolutions. It sure would be handy if the city clerk was also an attorney, oh wait, they had one of those and they fired her because ‘she knew to much’.

#35, The city council wants a $365K splash pad at Spellerberg to compliment the indoor aquatic center. You could build a small outdoor pool for that.

#43, 1st reading for the proposed changes to the billboard zoning limitations. The 500 feet away from sensitive use stayed in the ordinance even though Shawna Goldhammer tried to slip it out. Luckily some savvy citizens showed up to make sure it stayed in the proposed changes. The city council could fiddle with it at 2nd reading, but I would suggest they leave it as is.

#46, So now we are signing ‘Pre-Annexing agreements’. Funny when someone is making a load of cash from selling land these kind of ‘contracts’ with the city appear, but when a big box store screws over an entire neighborhood it is done in the dark.

#48-49, All Saints has to go to the City Council to beg for approval to build on THEIR OWN PROPERTY. It’s not like they are asking for a street vacation or to put a big box store in the middle of a historic neighborhood, get this, all they want to do is expand their facility, and while they are at it add more trees and landscaping to the corner of 18th and Phillips. But the All Saints neighborhood ain’t having it. How dare these people living in assisted living think they can have therapy facilities ON campus! They should have to continue to be bussed over to Sanford or Avera. These citizens fighting this need to get over themselves. It will actually improve the neighborhood and make the ‘Gorky Park’ creepy grove of trees that exist there now go away.

#50, I believe is in reference to #34 if the council approves it.

So grab your back rest, pillow, and a cold beverage, it is going to be a long Tuesday night.


#1 The D@ily Spin on 08.15.15 at 11:37 am

The 500 million budget really upsets me. It’s a 20% increase. I suspect there will still be a shortfall because after bond payments there’s not enough left for usual expenses. I propose audience elevator music, plush furniture, a wall length aquarium, and catering at Carnegie Hall. Citizens deserve it while they’re taking a half billion dollar annual hit.

#2 The D@ily Spin on 08.15.15 at 11:40 am

If I’m late, order me escargot and Dom Peringnon.

#3 Taxpayer-Voter on 08.15.15 at 1:59 pm

#35 The city council wants a $365K splash pad at Spellerberg to compliment the indoor aquatic center. You could build a small outdoor pool for that.


The indoor aquatic center which we VOTED for or against last spring was advertised as 19 million.

That number soon rose to almost 24 million.

AND, now they are asking for another $365,000.

These are all numbers for the CAPITAL costs folks, they have not even begun to let you know what the final number is for the ANNUAL OPERATING costs.

Taxpayers, hang on to your seats………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#4 Bruce on 08.15.15 at 2:06 pm

or Mayor & City Attorney

#5 Bruce on 08.15.15 at 4:57 pm

Tax-Voter we citizens of Sioux Falls never voted for or against an indoor pool. The vote in 2014 for was for an outdoor pool of 7 million dollars.

The illegal election tampering approved by the City Attorney changed the city led dialogue at the Advocational Education programs. The city of Sioux Falls was illegally advocating for something not on the ballot.

Once the sheeple of Sioux Falls accepted the interference we were forced to accept whatever Don Kearney and the administration forced on us.

Overwhelming interference, publicity and a downtrodden City Council gave the administration the upper hand. The pool and the resulting park changes will eventually be $30,000,000 out of pocket.

Once again we have been lied to and deceived into now having a building on land the city of Sioux Falls does not even own. Everyone get your checkbooks ready, its going to be a bumpy ride.

#6 Blasphemo on 08.16.15 at 12:39 pm

SPOT ON, TAXPAYER-VOTER. This indoor aquatic center is mission creep personified and exponentially reprehensible. Community Swim 365 supporter/donors ought to be tarred & feathered, AND assigned tax liens for all these $$ overruns above & beyond the fake $19m figure/admission/operating expense figures touted for this boondoggle project at election time. It’s SO regrettable that rank & file Sioux Falls sheeple taxpayers let this elitist special interest group stick it to ’em and their descendants. This is a profoundly vivid example of the negative results of voter apathy.

#7 The D@ily Spin on 08.16.15 at 9:37 pm

It’s late on the indoor pool. Huether should have been stopped by the council due to vote terminology. I sometimes wonder why there’s a council. The debt and ongoing service for the pool is another something to deal with post Huether. Recovery from this madman will take several mayor’s and another 12 years.