The Bungling of the BID Tax

As I expected, a bunch of the same old loud mouths in our community flapping their traps and throwing anything at the wall to see what will stick;

But former City Council member Jim Entenman says the City could do more with a “venture fund” to help organizations which bring events, such as the Summit League Basketball tournament to town.

First off, as I have said in the past, I didn’t think we needed this advisory board, this isn’t about the status quo or keeping up with the Jones. The BID Tax programming is not broken, in fact it is working just the way it was suppose to by putting more bodies in Hotel Rooms.

Of course, Jim, who doesn’t even sit on the city council anymore (and actually helped create the BID Tax) can’t resist to do the Mayor’s bidding. Venture Fund, that sounds like something out of one of Huether’s goofy salesman books.

“We are an advisory board only and we shouldn’t pretend to be otherwise. There’s nothing wrong with throwing out in each of those categories, ‘Here’s some good ideas,'” Randall Beck said.

Here’s a better idea Randy, admitting that these entire proceedings have been a gigantic waste of time and tax dollars, which committee member Knobe proves with this vague non-statement;

“There’s a lot of collaboration going on and that’s good, but the concern I have is that I would like to see a more formalized system for collaboration,” Knobe said.


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#1 John on 12.09.15 at 5:56 pm

What was Obe won Knobe arrested for recently? Did it involve a green substance ?

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