Waambulance Rate Increase Vote, July 7, 2016

Call the wambulance, the people are going to be shocked I tell you with the rate increase. If the citizens are shocked by the crappy service the ambulance company gives now, what are they going to do next? Shocked and appalled is one way to feel.

Shocked I tell you shocked. The next thing we are going to need to do is give several people in the room hearing tests or issue Red Bulls to keep them stimulated enough to pay attention. Shocked I tell you, Shocked!

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#1 Sheeple on 07.24.16 at 4:15 pm

It’s sad the REMSA board has taken a pro Paramedics Plus approach instead of a neutral, what’s best for the citizens approach.

Gary Meyers claims to be the validation for the data, but all they do is take the times that are handed to them by the health department and they take them at their word. They don’t have a means use different numbers or check their data against anything else. So Gary’s claims are meaningless and his words are misleading.

Councilor Erpenbach must not be one of the people getting calls from Paramedics Plus employees about all the mistakes getting made by the incompetent employees there due to the high turnover rates. And if she thinks the rate increase will translate into employee raises she’s misleading the public as well.

It sounds like there were some anonymous employee complaints with six witnesses to whatever it was that happened, but Paramedics Plus is going to play ignorant to it. Whatever it was, those six must want to keep their jobs, so Paramedics Plus is going to get away with it. Sounds like Paramedics were working without the proper license/certifications.

The whole automatic rate increase in the contract was irresponsible. Franken should be disciplined. That was not in the taxpayers best interest.

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