City of Sioux Falls is now in the RED when it comes to sales tax collection

As long as I have been following these financial reports I have never seen the city dip below last years sales tax collections. While the margin is small enough that we could recover, it will be interesting to watch how our $10,000 raise finance director reacts. Keep cutting those million dollar checks to Paul McCarthy, maybe that will fix it?

FULL REPORT: April-2017-finance-report


#1 Emoluments Clause on 05.15.17 at 11:09 pm

Welcome to the Trump economy! For those of you who voted for “The Donald,” well, just let me know when we’re going to start “Winning,” okay?

#2 The D@ily Spin on 05.16.17 at 9:08 am

Not as bad as I expected. Everyone shops online and there’s less sales (tax) volume. Amazon now charges sales tax but it’s point of sale, not where delivered. Also, Amazon subcontract sellers don’t charge tax. Making Huether bond payments could be a problem this year. Strong Mayor took away spending approval from the council and voters. Huether printed lots of checks but there’s no balance.

#3 Not a Fan on 05.16.17 at 7:18 pm

Maybe that was Huether’s plan all along. Now the city will be forced to issue First Premier credit cards to all the departments and they’ll have to charge their monthly expenses.

#4 LJL on 05.16.17 at 10:46 pm

Wow…. So now we blame the local sales tax on the Trumpsterfire. Are you sure it’s not the russians?

The ag production business is in the toilet. I know this first hand. We will see BIG handouts in the next federal farm scam bill that our worthless representative will be promoting.

BUT its worth noting I can set my watch to the postal truck driving past my house on Sunday delivering Amazon packages. We need to demand an online tax collecting system from all vendors for all tax collecting municipalities.

#5 The D@ily Spin on 05.17.17 at 1:55 pm

I would buy everything locally if there was control of city spending. I don’t play tennis, go to $100 concerts with $10 hot dogs, watch Lorrie Line at the Pavilion, enjoy jazz at the Orpheum, and don’t swim with rich people. There should be less crime and more infrastructure. Spend for the masses, not the aristocracy. Then, I’ll think about local commerce and not be willing to wait a few days for online purchases.

#6 Linda Adel on 05.30.17 at 7:02 am

wow so this so this is trumps fault bla haha wait a minute isn’t there enough money left over for one more big building ,arena , sporting event center, a major road, parking ramp . there has to be . we need more things to say Huether on it before he leaves office .