Sioux Falls Annexation Meeting (May18, 2017)

The city of Sioux Falls uses SIRE Technology to control, monitor and monitor the access to events held in the City Council chamber. So why do we repost these meetings? How many of you can use Internet Explorer 11 on your computer or handheld device? Not many. At the urging of citizens who attended the May 18, 2017 Annexation Meeting we are uploading the meeting to our YouTube channel.

The meeting got real interesting when the Assistant City Attorney and a task force member could not come to terms on ADA issues. Too funny, he wants her to commit and she is fighting it with wrong information.

Rebroadcast of Sioux Falls YouTube web videos paid for by the taxpayers of Sioux Falls SD.

The City of Sioux Falls has been systemically or maliciously deleting publicly owned videos without explanation. This channel is reloading all available City of Sioux Falls videos in the public interest for history, research and transparency.

Demand your city history NOT be destroyed. Contact your City Council members and the Mayor and tell them to stop destroying our civic history.

We do not own these videos. We do not claim any copyright privileges. Share these videos freely.


#1 The D@ily Spin on 05.20.17 at 3:37 pm

Do they delete videos so there’s space for porn?

#2 Warren Phear on 05.22.17 at 7:29 am

The assistant city attorney has a pretty flimsy case when it comes to ADA and sidewalk requirements. There are hundreds of miles of South Dakota city and town streets that get by just fine without sidewalks.

#3 Warren Phear on 05.23.17 at 9:12 am

BTW, thanks for these links. I know the argus took kind of a back handed jab at you the other day about annexation. The truth is, for myself, who only has Apple devices, and probably thousands of other younger folks who have cut the cord and rely only on their phones or tablet, this is the ONLY place where one can see all three annexation videos.