Where was the oversight of Gear Up from the state, the education dept, the Feds and the auditor Schoenfish?

If you look at the audit, you begin to scratch your head;

A new audit report shows that a now-dead couple who helped administer South Dakota’s GEAR UP college-readiness program made unauthorized withdrawals totaling more than $7.8 million from the Platte-based educational cooperative where they worked.

The Department of Legislative Audit report released Friday says much of the money was returned, but roughly $1.4 million remained missing after their deaths in 2015.

How could all of the state organizations and independent auditor miss this especially since it was apparent for years that NONE of the kids were going to college? If they think the only ones involved are the three clowns that are still alive from Mid Central and Scott Westerhuis and his wife, they are sadly mistaken. I hope when this goes to trial they spill the beans and name everyone involved in this scam, including the State Department of Education and Kyle Schoenfish, the auditor. You would honestly have to be the worst accountant on the planet to not catch this much missing and misappropriated money or you were bribed. Both may be true.

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#1 The D@ily Spin on 05.20.17 at 7:35 pm

It’s a lot of money. How did it go unnoticed for so long? Of everyone involved, the only ones worth forgiving are dead. The rest deserve jail terms but in government they’ll probably get promoted.