Re-Finance ‘Word Games’ with Huether and crew (Guest Post – Danielson)

The absurd actions of Mikey the other night are great theater.

The wonderful things about moving the SIRE videos over to YouTube is our ability to catch action and text normally missed. I wasn’t able to be at the meeting but sure heard a lot about it so I went to the YouTube machine at and pulled a transcript. Here are some morsels starting at the moment:

(1:13:01 – Scott Ehrisman) “This, I guess we’re just going to go all the way to the end – may 15th no transparency all the way to the end keep the game consistent” (1:13:02)

(Mike starts a 24 second staring contest with the audience)

(It appears Councilor Erickson tries to break the silence with a quiet) “Mr. Chair” (Mike does not acknowledge her)

(1:13:26 – Mike then continues:) “Tracy, I, ah know you’re chopping at the bit and so am I, is there anybody else in the audience who wanted to speak to this particular item before I turn it over to the council” (1:13:33)

Councilors Erickson, Stehly and Kiley speak and then this;

(1:22:59 – while Kiley is speaking) “push the whole transaction back by far and”

(Mike injects) “Council Chair, if you don’t… my apologies sir, my apologies to you sir you, Tracy if you would just repeat that one more time I, I, councilors if you would have, just beg you to listen to councilor, to Tracy, thank you is keep it simple as much as you can thank you”

(Tracy restarts his explanation…)

Notice Mike tells Tracy to take it real slow and easy on the ignorant councilors by making sure the message is in simple terms?

A couple of thoughts about this exchange:

1. Why did the mayor inject anything at all while he still held the gavel? If he is such a stickler for Robert’s Rules he should have given it up so he could speak out of term.

2. Are our councilors so dumb the mayor has to tell his Director to speak slowly and in simpler words to make it more understandable. How insulting.

3. Why did no one call a POINT OF ORDER to stop him?

My count as of today show we only have 9 more meetings with him in charge then its to let the door hit yah where the good Lord split yah.

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#1 The D@ily Spin on 02.16.18 at 10:44 am

This sort of thing reminds me of the Saddam Auditorium scene. People get named then never seen again. The remaining audience pronounces allegiance to Saddam.