Sioux Falls School District has NO PLAN to staff $300 Million in new schools

Maybe Sioux Falls School Board Member, Cynthia Mickelson just didn’t know the answer, but when asked the other day while addressing the League of Women Voters about the school bonds, she was asked where the money will come from to staff the new schools.

Obviously, when you build three new schools and spend $40 million to upgrade other schools, you will need additional staff. When Cynthia was asked the question, she pretty much said, “We will figure it out.”

The $300 million bond is ONLY for capital improvements and will not be used for operating. On top of that, the levy will change so they could change the tax structure for paying off the bonds. In other words LESS money coming in for operating.

So how will they staff the new schools? I expect another small opt-out initiated by the school board. But seriously, shouldn’t the Super and Board explain to the public how they will fund these schools operations? Utilities? Maintenance? Teacher/Admind/support staff salaries?

Good Question.


#1 JKC on 07.16.18 at 2:06 pm

Maybe they are planning to buy a bunch of smart boards with video conferencing capabilities, so that teachers from the other middle schools can teach the kids via cable or the dish. My guess is that if you buy a bunch of these boards you can get a really good deal on them…. (But can you really teach welding to an 8th grader like that?)

#MinorsWeldingWithoutProperSupervision…. (Cool!….I just welded two school desks together….)

#2 Interesting on 07.20.18 at 10:46 am

I think we need to stop spending this insane amount of money on physical locations. Wireless, teleconference technology, etc can make teaching less expensive. We just need to rethink this and I don’t understand WHY we need brand new buildings all the time. Axtel Park was a perfectly fine school just older but, we turned that into the “troubled kids” school instead of using it as it. We can bring Tech into the current schools without the need to line the pockets of others. Am I missing something?