Brandon/Sioux Falls City Council Joint Meeting (Public Input)

Sioux Falls City Council Invited the Brandon City government over to have dinner and conversation on December 20, 2018. Most of each Council showed up for a nice dinner in front of our cameraman Bruce.

As the only public, guess who was the only one to speak (tough guess for ya, right?). The night’s topic was regionalization of resources. Its about time and its about the right thing to do.


#1 Smile You're On Candid Camera on 12.21.18 at 9:52 am

Watch Erickson and Neitzert

#2 D@ily Spin on 12.21.18 at 3:54 pm

It’s important that Brandon democracy maintains communication with Sioux Falls Home Rule oligarchy. There will be more bodies at the Falls for Brandon to recover. Brandon must always be a safe place away from SF gangs and pedophiles.

#3 Taco Bar on 12.21.18 at 11:23 pm

Did the Brandonites ask about when the “Speedy Trains” were going to show up?

Or, was this merely a strategy meeting to save Huset’s?

#4 Taco Bar on 12.26.18 at 8:26 pm

Wait a minute, I hear them coming. Maybe Huset’s could become the site of the new high speed train depo, too: