Sen Mike Rounds addresses Lincoln HS, 4/26/19

I was actually impressed with his presentation. Learned a lot of things, though I don’t agree with everything he said.

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#1 John Kennedy Claussen, Sr., on 04.30.19 at 2:38 pm

I find great amazement that Senator Rounds now shows a concern over China. Especially, when he encouraged the federal EB5 program as a former governor; a program that would strengthen China’s potential hegemonic hold upon our economy and give carte blanche passes for their nationals to roam our land with the potential consequences to our own national security interests; and not to mention his support for the Keystone pipeline too, which is merely a conduit to transport Canadian tar sands oil to the Gulf and then off to China to China’s benefit, as well as a means in which to encourage China’s growing navy to take a greater interest in the Cariibbean. Some day a book most likely will be written and entitled, “Why America Slept,” and when that book is written, polticians such as Senator Rounds I am afraid will not be the Churchills, but rather the Chamberlains of that penned work.