I really got a laugh out of Greg and Rick last night when they acted like a couple of babies crying over the legislative priority amendments calling them ‘last minute’;

“I just want to state I’m going to vote no on any amendment that’s brought tonight because, frankly, the process is broken because we’re just springing amendment after amendment without talking to anybody else at the last minute,” Neitzert says.

Council Member Rick Kiley also refused to vote on any amendments brought forward and said the Council needs to follow the process.

Kiley says, “It has to go back to the process. I mean, there’s been a number of us that have been hit over the head with the word ‘transparency.’ This is anything but transparent. And so, I, like councilor Neitzert, am not going to vote on anything that is brought forward for the first time this evening.”

The problem with their pouting session is that these amendments are far from last minute (they are NOT finalized until December – see below) and even if it was final last night, who cares? These are merely ‘suggestions‘ from the Sioux Falls City Council to the State Legislature. These ‘suggestions’ hold as much weight if an average citizen would grab a legislator at a cracker barrel and make the same suggestions.

The city council has been making amendments to these ‘suggestions’ for years.

I also found it refreshing that the city council’s operations manager, Jim David, was the one who had to show the council the actual timeline below. I have told councilors I have always appreciated Mr. David’s professionalism and integrity. He never sugarcoats things. I wish the entire council staff was like Mr. David.

2 Thoughts on “Sioux Falls City Councilors Neitzert & Kiley cry wolf

  1. Moses6 on August 21, 2019 at 10:56 am said:

    Yeah Niezert I was for it before I voted against it.

  2. Another episode of the RS5 having a hissy fit because they were supposedly surprised by an amendment. It’s getting so old. Do these 5 get together before meetings to see how they can sabotage whatever Theresa brings to the table? And then there is Councilor Erickson….shall I say any more. Why does the city attorney always look so grumpy? Plus his attitude of acting like he’s afraid to answer a question. These meetings are proving to always be entertaining.

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