Sioux Falls School District 1st Boundary Task Force meeting

UPDATE: So when I posted this, I had not watched it yet, so being the government nerd I am, I decided to wade thru it. It got good at the end where golden parachute boy, Doug Morrison started allowing public input. People asked poignant questions about enrollment and effects on private education, there was even some laughter about it, to which Mr. Doug ‘Oblivious’ Morrison blew off the laughter and pretended the sarcasm and irony did not exist, and admitted he was awaiting the data. When I pay taxes I expect services, when I see these kind of reactions I feel like I just paid for a $50 hamburger that tastes like, looks like, and probably is goat sh*t.

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#1 "Woodstock" on 01.24.20 at 10:32 pm

“I think diversity means not only economics, but also race”….”Most likely race will also address economics, but the latter does not necessarily address the former”…. 😉