The Charter Revision will be reviewing my 3 proposals and I will be present for questions. They have written preliminary language if they agree to put them on the ballot. While I did ask for 30 days for a director to become a resident, Commissioner Zylstra is recommending 6 months, which I could agree to. We will see how that plays out.

I also see that Joe Kirby is proposing that the mayor be removed from the council meetings as chair and that city council elections be decided by plurality (or ranked choice). I have never agreed with a run-off in the council races. Another bone head idea from Rex Rolfing. I have also said that the Mayor should only have VETO power and NOT break ties or run meetings. If it is a tie, the measure should fail.

The Sioux Falls City Council meets Tuesday, Nov 9 at 4 and 6 PM

The two big items under 1st reading are the wastewater bonds from the state (inevitable) and the garbage container ordinance. Neitzert is basically providing an amendment to leave it as is. I have often thought that it should be up to the consumer as to where they place the containers. If they want to place at the end of the driveway, fine. If they want to leave by house, also fine. There should be NO extra charges for a valet service. Since this will most likely remain private for the foreseeable future it should be up to the consumers to dictate what they want. As for the drivers getting injured for grabbing cans, that is part of the hazards of the job. Wear the proper footwear. My mailman wears cleated snow boots in the winter.

One Thought on “Sioux Falls Charter Revision to meet Wednesday, Nov 10, 3:30 PM

  1. Mike Lee Zitterich on November 8, 2021 at 7:05 pm said:

    Good Luck on your 3 Agenda Items at the Charter Revision, you have a few excellent ideas there. Lets see where the discussion goes.

    I support borrowing from the State Treasury, the money necessary to pay for the Water Reclamation Project. But they are not bonds, the money was given to the State by a “Federal Grant”. The State manages these funds on behalf of the S.D taxpayers. Remember, if we follow all the rules set forth by the State, as a City, ‘we’ can get 50% of the interest payment back. We are paying the state 2% Interest. 50% of that money would be given back to the Residents of Sioux Falls to be used anyway ‘we’ wish to use it for.

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