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Well, that should settle it


The Supreme Court has decided not to hear the appeal over Obama’s citizenship and eligability for the presidency.

While this may not settle the stirred-up folks over at voices-crazy, it should put the matter to rest for the sane population. The last, desparate attempt to keep the secret Muslim terrorist out of the Whitehouse has failed.

On the bright side, it looks as though Obama’s a pragmatist just like I figured all along. He’s picked good people for his cabinet (though I still think Hillary has too much baggage to be Sec. State), and is willing to hear ideas from all sides.

Sorry, Wingnuts, the better man won.

Hey, Steve, how does that crow taste? You should really share it with Sibby, since he feeds you (conspiracies) all the time.

Former running back sentenced to 15 years as a wide reciever


The last time OJ Simson sat waiting for a verdict, I was in 7th grade. It’s good to see karma finally came around and bit him on his ass. All it took was his inherent stupidity, a competent judge, and victims smart enough to record what was going on.

The only question is now that OJ’s going to be in prison, who’s gonna keep up the crusade to find the real killer?

I can’t see so well without my glasses

Florida Congresswoman thinks Floridian Radio DJ Pranksters call from Chicago?!

On Wednesday, the Republican congresswoman got a call from President-elect Barack Obama, didn’t believe it was him, and hung up on him. Twice.

What’s so odd about that? Mike Rounds would do the same, even if he new Barry was on the phone. “We have to save money in telecommunications for the state. This year we are sending out invitations to the Governor’s hunt by carrier pigeon.”

Bush once again blames everyone else for his problems. Seems they teach classes about that at AA;

Gibson: You’ve always said there’s no do-overs as president. If you had one —

Bush: The biggest regret of all the presidency has to have been the intelligence failure in Iraq. A lot of people put their reputations on the line and said, you know … the weapons of mass destruction is a reason to remove Saddam Hussein. It wasn’t just people in my administration, and um … You know, that’s not a do-over, but I wish the intelligence had been different, I guess.

I guess he was upset that the intelligence he WANTED didn’t turn out to be the intelligence he NEEDED to justify the war. And why do people continue to defend this jerkoff?

National News Odds and Ends

Impeach Bush Ornament censored from the White House Christmas tree, funny stuff;

It hung on the tree along with ornaments featuring lovingly painted state seals and state scenery till the Washington Post pointed out that it differed substantially from its fellows.

AP followed, and Lawrence’s ornment was plucked from its branch, on orders from Laura Bush.

David Gregory to host Meet the Press (like if this wasn’t totally freaking obvious);

Gregory has been a leading contender for the permanent spot since Tom Brokaw stepped in as interim moderator following Tim Russert’s death in June.

Sexy Saxby wins in Georgia, vows to be a one man army against Obama’s polices. Good luck with that.

The worst aspect of this is that Sarah Palin gets to claim some credit for the win. Sigh.

When all she ever asked for was an occassional Dr. Pepper.

Lame Duck President Quacks Under Pressure, Apologizes for Financial Meltdown

That’s right, president Bush said he’s sorry about the worst financial meltdown since the great depression. He’s not really responsible for it, but he’s sorry. So there’s that, which is nice. If only Herbert Hoover had thought of it in 1929. 

The whole thing reminds me of Bill Clinton apologizing to some group about slavery – as if it was his own doing. Did it help anyone with anything? No. Did it solve anything? No.

I’m waiting to see which of his two responses to problems Bush will deploy on this one: will he bomb it or throw bricks of money at it?

Oyateunderground-Siyotanka: A Voice from Within

Wanbli WiWohkpe (James Starkey) has been making a series of videos. This is one of them. James makes and plays his own traditional flutes often out of found objects.


Wanbli WiWohkpe grew up on the streets of Rapid City, an illegal squatter town built in the Sacred Homeland of the Lakota Nation.
Growing up amidst what was commonly called “The Feud”, Wanbli WiWohkpe was caught between two worlds: the wasicu world of academia, where he excelled and blossomed, and the world of the reality around him, where he was looked down upon for who he and his Family were.
Wanbli WiWohkpe saw the utter disrespect afforded the Indigenous Male. He was told constantly in school to eschew his kin, and to grab hold of the American Dream.
Through a series of events, Wanbli WiWohkpe chose instead to follow his older brother, Warren Rich, and the two became very close, almost as if they melded into one person. He learned to be strong, to be swift, and to be loyal.
The Youths ultimately became entangled in the system of incarceration perpetuated by the Invader/Occupier. The Youths grew into Men, and the violence continued and escalated. Knowing something was amiss and unable to articulate what, these Men learned to lash out upon others of their kind. A tragic spiral of lateral violence continued unabated until they were all again incarcerated by the illegal squatter government.
Wanbli WiWohkpe went to prison for 1st Degree Manslaughter in 1986.
In the subsequent years, Wanbli WiWohkpe has seen those closest to him as a Youth perish. Most escaped their oppression via suicide. None lashed out at the Invader/Occupier in the terrible ways other oppressed Nations do. None went amongst the Invader and exploded. None took the Occupier with them to their death.
Instead, being from a beautiful People not familiar with domestication, a People not wishing to inflict damage upon their tormenters; not wishing anything from their tormenters but for the torment to cease, they imploded.
They imploded and they continue to implode. The Invasion/Occupation continues unchecked, and the Lakota Nation, especially the Lakota Male, remains pauperized.
Our Lives were stolen by the Occupier. Every thing the Invader has is stolen.
Every bite of food, every warm bed, every happy home, every scrap of power, every nuance of anything enjoyed by the Invader is taken directly from the Health of the Indigenous. The Invader’s prosperity is taken directly from the Hearth and Home of the Lakota Nation. A Hearth and Home now non-existent as the Lakota People wander their own Homeland as homeless.
As the fortunate give thanks for the blessings of God and their American Dream, the Lakota Nation, the less fortunate, continue to simply exist as pesky and useless vermin in the Occupier’s world.
Through Lakol Wicohan, the Friendly Lifeways of the Lakota Nation, Wanbli WiWohkpe began to see. He began to understand the difference between his Nation and the Occupier. He committed himself to Sundance and Vision Quest, and now after completing 4 years of Sundancing and a 4 day Vision Quest, Wanbli WiWohkpe has made a true Relative with the Siyotanka, the Ancient Lakota Flute.
Wanbli WiWohkpe believes the Siyotanka is part of Lakota Man Power, a component of our Being that has been kept from us. To label the Siyotanka as a “courting flute” and to play it as feebly as “Native American Flute” players do, keeps us emasculated as Indigenous Males.
Look around, most “Native American Flute” makers/players are not Indigenous, and those famed Indigenous flute players often play a non-Indigenously made flute.
The Invader/Occupier is literally chopping off a part of us, emasculating us; thereby rendering us impotent. Wanbli WiWohkpe has learned directly from the Winged and Four Legged just how to play the Siyotanka, how to regain Lakota Masculinity, and how to Heal.
OyateUnderground Productions: World Class Representin’.

Wanbli WiWohkpe, he emaciapelo

The TSA has a PR department?


Security theatre at its finest:


The TSA spent about $1.3 million of our money to have a few gripe sessions and find out why people no longer like to fly. Not suprisingly, their room-temperature-IQ, power-tripping employees were high on the list of gripes.

Personally, I’ve only had a couple of bad experiences with the TSA. Once, I was wanded for several minutes until the guy finally found what had set off the metal detector – there was a dime in my pocket. On another occaision, a very obese and smelly male screener took a particularly intense interest in the undergarments my wife had packed into her carryon bag. I was lucky that calling him out to his supervisor didn’t get me the special rubber-glove-no-lube treatment.

The TSA and PATRIOT Act (thrown in for good measure) are nothing but expensive security theatre designed to make us all think we’re safe, when in reality the people in charge of protecting us have no idea what they’re doing. Obama could score some huge points with civil libertarians and people with common sense alike by dissolving the TSA and getting the PATRIOT Act repealed. This country would be better for it.

Happy Holidays, you bunch of PC tools!


It seems to get worse every year. Businesses, schools, and media outlets go crazy about this magical thing called “Holiday”.

I have what I would call a low tolerance for BS. So this whole idea does not sit well with me. I realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but for the love of all that is holy, please be honest about it. We aren’t decorating trees at the mall for Hanukkah, we aren’t preparing a delicious spiral-sliced ham for Ramadan, and we don’t cover houses, businesses, and public buildings in strings of seizure-inducing flashing lights for Kwanza.

There has been a lot said by some notable right wingers about a “war on Christmas” (why does everything have to be a war to these people?). I personally don’t think there’s any kind of  organized effort to marginalize Christmas. What I see is PC feel-good crap run amok. It’s an effort that probably started in the meeting room of a fortune 500 company’s HR department and spread like a virus to all corners of business and media. The same minds that brought us “Holiday” belong to people who have given us corporate buzz-words like “right-sizing” and “synergize”.

I’m tired of having my intelligence insulted by some PC meme telling me I’m shopping for “Holiday” preasents, attending a “Holiday” parade, and drinking 180 proof eggnog to be able to tolorate the relatives who come visit every “Holiday”.  I’m tired of commercials, which now seem to start in September, advertising a “Holiday” sale coming up with evergreen branches, jingle bells, and Christmas ornaments in the background. You’re not fooling anyone - just come out and say it: you want us to buy useless crap to give to people for Christmas. If you’re going to exploit a religious holiday for monetary gain, at least have the courtesy to mention the name of said holiday. I promise no one (important) will be offended.


Rant off.

I’m never sending my wife to the doctor again!


So my wife’s toe has been giving her trouble for the last week or so, and finally she gave in and went to see the doctor. So I figure they’ll tell her what might be wrong and ‘scrip her some nice pain medication while figuring out how to fix whatever it is. I figured it was a bone spur or an inflamed joint or something.

Well, after several tests, a lengthy questionaire, and some prodding and squeezing of the affected foot, the doctor informed her that she’s pregnant.

Just a warning for all you ladies out there. Stay away from the doctor’s office – especially if all you want is your toe fixed.


Get your assault weapons (and books) while you still can!