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The Latest in Obamascare

Elderly Season opens October 1st.

Elderly Season opens October 1st.

by Doktor Barkey

Fire Dave Letterman

This is funnier than the tea-bagging in April.

Gov. Moose Drool’s campaign prop hits the road

And they would have made such a cute couple

America’s Favorite Christian, Betty Bowers, makes me pee my pants, again.

Meet Tonya Jenkins. She died of shock this morning.

Tonya went to bed last night with a tumbler of cold tequila and a head full of comfy knowledge. She knew that the Lord Jesus would answer her prayer to never let no colored Muslim communist terrorist be no durn president. She was certain she would wake up to find that sassy Sarah Palin and her running mate, a wonderfully mavericky war hero, had been elected instead. In her Christian heart, Tonya was confident that Americans were every bit as racist as Republicans hoped they’d turn out to be, as the much discussed, posted about and wished for “Bradley Effect” would work its reactionary magic at the polls.

Gov. Moose Drool Turkey Torture Vice Pepper campaigning for Saxby Chambliss

“Saxby, I’ll only agree to campaign with yah, if we can do it on a turkey farm.”

I guess he wanted her help in sealing the deal, the losing deal.