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The Argus Leader ED Board points out the stark differences between Staggers and Huether in their endorsement

The Ed Board’s endorsement was actually entertaining to read, because they have proven that Kermit is a man of action while Mike is a man of only words;

Consider the qualifications and skills that the city’s next mayor needs: a clear vision for job creation, commitment to quality-of-life improvements, the ability to balance competing interests throughout Sioux Falls, an understanding of fiscal responsibility and a passion to doggedly promote Sioux Falls.

Does Mike have a clear vision for job creation? Kermit has at least one solution; tax cuts and deregulation for local business, which helps create jobs. “commitment to quality-of-life improvements” Are the voters asking for that? Or is the Argus Leader Ed Board asking for that? Quality of life means different things to different people. Some people think Rec centers and indoor pools are quality of life. Some people think good roads, parks, and top notch infrastructure and customer service to citizens is quality of life. This is simply a difference of opinion, Mike’s (The Argus Ed board) and Kermit’s. As for balancing competing interests, Kermit has done that his whole political life. He has voted ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ depending on the issue, and wasn’t a rubberstamper. That is a good thing. ‘an understanding of fiscal responsibility’ Well, Kermit blows Mike out of the water on this issue.

Staggers’ consistent resistance to developing an ambitious agenda for Sioux Falls doesn’t match what most residents repeatedly indicate they want or what the city needs. No one doubts that Staggers legitimately desires what’s best for Sioux Falls, but his plan represents a step backward for this growing, vibrant city.

Kermit has a very clear agenda; give the city back to the citizens. Better customer service, better roads and infrastructure and less subsidies to special interests. Sounds like moving forward to me.

Huether will face a steep learning curve in mastering city governmental affairs, but his previous accomplishments indicate he’s well able to meet the challenge.

And this what ultimately scares me about Mike, his lack of government experience.

The difference between Saturday & Sunday in the Mike Huether campaign

Yesterday, Mike sent out this postcard, which was strange, because instead of attacking Kermit’s voting record (his actions), he attacked his words. Is it because that is all Mike has? A war of words? And who said these things? The Argus Leader editorial board? Who cares.

Then today, Mike’s campaign runs this ad about how great all his opponents are.

I’m a cusser to, but hey, I’m not running for mayor of Sioux Falls like Mike Huether.

I found this tidbit interesting;

This doesn’t surprise me, I have heard Mike has gone off on other media types, and former employees. He has even said fuck to me before (casually) – doesn’t bother me. It is common in the Credit Card industry, greed makes you a little crazy. I like to cuss though to, makes me feel better to get it off my chest. But I am not running for public office. For all the years I have known Kermit, I have never even heard him even say ‘damn’. Not in his nature, he usually laughs things off or is very pointed in his remarks.

While some of my friends have claimed that I have ‘gone off the deep end’ for supporting Kermit, it kinda sounds like Mike is the one ‘going off the deep end’ he knows nothing about running for public office. And if he becomes mayor, he will have a rude awakening when in the first 100 days of his administration the media is slapping him around like a sock monkey for his lack of knowledge of government.

While Greg and I don’t see eye to eye, I will commend him for talking about this, it needed to be heard.

UPDATE: Greg will be on KCPO’s the Facts this morning at 10:30 AM talking about the mayoral race (Cable channel 2)

Munson chastises partisanship in one of his final interviews

Munson takes a swipe at Mike Huether in this interview, without mentioning his name. (FF 24:00 minutes) It is interesting.

Stormland TV News editorialized government travel story, with the help of sore loser, Darrin Smith

Meet Don ‘Hearst‘ Jorgensen

The propaganda wing of city hall, and now apparently Mike Huether’s campaign, Stormland TV news attempts to make Kermit look like a spendaholic because he spent $2,375 a year attending conferences that the city requested him to attend because none of the other members on the council wanted to go;

Sioux Falls mayoral candidate Kermit Staggers has been accused of saying no to a lot of different things as a member of the city council, but he surely doesn’t say no to travel.

According to these public records, Staggers has spent more of your tax dollars on travel than any other city council member.

Kermit Staggers, who wants to be mayor of Sioux Falls for the next four years, has been campaigning on responsible spending. But when it comes to traveling on taxpayer dollars, Staggers admits he spends.

Yeah, Don, why don’t you just say that you are voting for Mike Huether in your opening statements? After a few calls to the station by city clerk Debra Owen and a Staggers supporter, the 10 PM news changed there tune and admitted that Kermit attended these conferences AFTER they requested him to. But there is a lot of other information missing. First off, the council is allocated $16,000 every year for these travels, it is a POOL of money, there is no limit what one councilor can spend, Kermit chose to represent the city more at these conferences, which is a good thing, because the rest of them didn’t have any interest. Secondly, I heard when ‘Jorgie’ was investigating this story (that was handed to him on a silver platter from the Huether campaign) he was told by a city representative that this is common practice and about the pool of money but he ignored those facts and ‘Jorgie’ couldn’t resist to do a hit-job on Kermit.

So who handed this info to ‘Jorgie’? No other then, sore loser, Darrin Smith. You remember Darrin Smith? Don’t you? He was the last Democrat to fail in the mayoral election (I think he got 4th place, even Sweet Vernon the Velvet Hammer beat him). He was such a sore loser, he quit the council, and we got Bob Litz appointed. I can’t believe that the Huether campaign would use someone like this, a loser AND a quitter. Double whammie. But that is normal with Dems, when the going gets tough, they bail. When the Feds deemed First Premier Bankcards fee-harvesting schemes illegal, what did Mike do? He bailed. If Mike finds the job of mayor too hard, what will he do? Bail?

Lastly, I find it ironic that ‘Jorgie’ would get such a problem with Kermit’s travel expenses when the city has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on consulting fees, and travel expenses for the several task forces we have adopted for a new events center who have failed to deliver us a solution.

Is Barry Huether pulling out the big guns?

UPDATED (The actual photo of the DC resident’s car in the BACK parking lot of Huether’s headquarters.)

These plates might be a familiar site around Huether rallies

Someone just informed me that they have noticed a car with DC plates that mysteriously has been following the Huether campaign 🙂 I still think it is funny that someone who claims that this race has become ‘too political’ hires an Obama strategist, who apparently now is bringing in backup from DC. All this to beat a college professor who is running his own campaign on less money. Silly.

Who bought these Google Ads? I wish I knew.

Everyday I Google Kermit and Mike’s names to see what pops up. Today I had a surprise, a Google ad linking my site. I have no idea who is behind this, but I am checking into it.

Expect to see more of this in Sunday’s Argus Leader

After seeing this banner ad today on their site, I assume you will see at least a couple of full-page ads from Mike. Also the Argus endorsement will be on Sunday. I have said that Sunday is the make or break day for the mayoral candidates. I also expect to see some MY VOICE articles about both candidates. Not from me though. I think endorsement letters from friends of the candidates is childish, even more childish then this blog. They appeal to the apathetic voter and insult the intelligence of informed voters, people who actually take a few minutes out of their day to study the issues and the candidates, people who haven’t forgot that we live in the greatest democracy in the world and in order to keep it that way, go to the voting booth informed.


1. LAWSUITS AGAINST THE CITY (due process in code enforcement hearings and redlight camera)

2. LARCHWOOD CASINO (job and retail opportunities)



5. TREE TRIMMING / SNOWGATES (city should take care of their own property)

6. UNEMPLOYMENT IN SIOUX FALLS (the candidates talk about bringing new workers to town, but not about the people who are out of work currently)

Ask Staggers questions

You are invited to a Meet and Greet with Kermit Staggers.  Come ask Kermit any questions you may have.

Uno Zoni at 196 E. 6th Ave (Downtown)

Thursday, April 22nd

7:00pm – 9:00pm