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Marion M. Rounds and more conflicts of interest. GET OUT!


RCJ  ;prints a story about

A brother-in-law to Gov. Mike Rounds is working as a consultant for Powertech Uranium Corp., the Canadian business that is exploring for uranium near Edgemont.

Randy Brich of Pierre, who is married to the governor’s sister, Michele, is working in media relations on contract for Powertech. Brich also is part of the public-relations team for the corporation’s Dewey Burdock project in the Edgemont area.

Of course Pitty Pat Powers is trying to make a connection to this nepotism to the US Attorney appointment that is in the works for Brendan Johnson.

If Senator Johnson’s son – while very likely qualified – is named as the U.S. Attorney, no matter how they try to game the system to avoid it, it is impossible to avoid the appearance of improprety. Unless we now have adopted the monarchy that our forefathers eschewed so long ago, and endorse the naked building of political dynasties. Because that’s the only way this can be justified.

Otherwise, the naming of Brendan Johnson as U.S. Attorney in the same state his father holds the position of U.S. Senator is improper. No matter how much Senator Johnson’s son wants the job, no matter how much he might be qualified, the honorable thing to do is to take a pass until his dad is no longer U.S. Senator.


Sorry PP, stretching it again. Tapping someone to be a US Attorney (a person who has the creds to do the job, BTW) from the same party our President and Senior Senator are from (ohh, big surprise) and having a brother-in-law representing an energy company that wants to mine hazardous materials in our state is quite different. Especially when you have a governor that 1) has mentioned building a Nuclear plant in SD publicly and 2) bases every decision he makes on how it can benefit him, his family or his campaign contributors.

Last I checked, the job of a US Attorney is far different then the job of a marketing person working for a private company that seeks our natural resources. One works for us, the other works for themself.

You figure it out.

Wealth redistribution: Popular with South Dakotans

Dissing Obama’s supposed “income redistribution plan” is pretty popular in SD these days. What most here won’t admit or realise is that our state is on federal welfare and has been for some time.

Check THIS out for the numbers.

In 2005 (the most current year in the study), we got back$1.53 for every dollar we sent to the federal government.

In other words, the tax dollars of other states are being redistributed to fund our low tax lifestyle.

Many of you have seen the Johnson/Munson ad where Munson does everything but fellate Johnson for bringing in so much money for pet projects around SF. Rep. Herseth-Sandlin also mentions in her ads the money she’s helped to bring in while she’s been in congress. Why are we as frugal, up-by-the-bootstraps (whatever that means), God-fearing South Dakotans electing such welfare queens to office?

Could it be that deep down, we really like the idea of wealth redistribution? 

Is Pat Powers stalking Johnson scout, Jason?

This is picture Pat Powers snapped of Jason

AFP (American Freedom Press) reporter, Katt Stephens interviews Johnson staffer/scout ‘Jason’ about Pat Powers obsession with him.

Stephens, “Doesn’t it seem kind of odd that a married man with twenty-three children is stalking you?”

Jason, “Oh, I don’t mind. You know besides him snapping a few pictures from time to time, he is pretty harmless, and if he was chasing me, he probably wouldn’t be able to catch me on foot, or could his midget of a dog.”

Stephens, “So no close calls that may worry you?”

Jason, “Maybe. I do remember seeing Pat at the Brookings grain elevator one day filling the back of his truck up with feed, you know when you have that many kids, you need to buy in bulk. Anyway I really had to go, so I used the elevator’s restroom and I saw a guy with grain dust on his shoes wave under the bathroom stall wall.”

Stephens, “Are you saying Pat was attempting a ‘Larry Craig’ move – so to speak?”

Jason, “I’m not saying it was Pat, you know, Brookings is a weird town, and it seems the elevator is where all the creeps hangout and drink free coffee. It could have been any farmer having a sexual identity crisis.”

Stephens, “Any other times?”

Jason, “He did slip me his business card once and told me to give him a call if I wanted to buy any real estate. I told him thanks, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him it would be a cold day in Hell before I would move to Brookings, let alone buy a house there.”

Stephens, “So do you think he was trying to meet with you?”

Jason, “Probably.”

Stephens, “To get to know you  ‘better’ – so to speak?”

Jason, “I still think he is harmless. Actually, I got the suspicion that he might have wanted to change parties since his (Republican) is pretty much in the toilet and since he ran on Democratic party issues in the primaries.”

Stephens, “Yeah with that many kids you are either a Democrat or a Morman. Seems odd he‘s neither.”

Jason, “Exactly.”

Stephens, “Any closing thoughts on Pat.”

Jason, “Yeah, I wish he would send me some wallet sized copies of the photos he has taken of me. I especially like the one he took of me in my pink polo at DakotaFest.”

(FOR THE RECORD: Pat isn’t a ‘Larry’ and neither is Jason, but seriously guys, you really need to kiss and make up.)

To debate or not to debate