DaCola @ Pheasant Fest

SouthDaCola went to look at Dogs and Guns and Pictures of pheasants and Food made of ingredients we never heard of and saw lots of people talking about stuff we never thought possible. Where were we? At Pheasant Fest in the Sioux Falls Denty on February 18, 2018. It sure was fun getting the bling to make the trip seem worth it.

We do compliment the Sioux Falls Area Chamber and all the organizers for bringing all these fine out of towners here. Jason Ball of the Chamber was great fun to talk with. We hope we get more of these organized events to out town.

We kept an eye out for da Mayor of all he knows but he beat it out of there when we showed up (or something like that). We kept an eye out for falling panels and oozing mold but the place stayed together for us.

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#1 The D@ily Spin on 03.23.18 at 10:17 am

Huether left because they ‘gave him the bird’, Pheasant bird.

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