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Bob Christensen; The Last Resort in the SE District?

I guess this really isn’t an endorsement, but Bob is the best option for that district. I watched a disappointing Gargoyle Leader interview with the candidates, and was thoroughly disgusted with the lack of diversity in the candidates. I will give Bob credit for one thing, he is willing to change his mind on an issue. During the interview the board asked the same stupid question they ask everyone, Events Center, blah, blah, blah. It seems Bob has been talking to the public, and they are not too pleased with the Events Center task force’s findings. Bob seems to be flip-flopping on the issue. I think he kind of surprised the AL ED board by admitting he no longer supports the entire plan. He thinks that private funding should have been pursued first. He also thinks that the EC should be built first, then add on to the convention center later. There is nothing wrong with changing your opinion on an issue. It seems Bob is willing to listen to the public and implement their opinions into policy. I appreciated that he was frank, even though none of the candidates can be considered ‘progressives’.