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Will CityLink & SIRE go live streaming?

I heard the Director of Central Services sent out a memo last week that the city of Sioux Falls is considering going live streaming on all city meetings (that are recorded) and CityLink programming within 4-6 weeks.

Hey, that’s great if it is true!

But, why was SIRE changed to only work in Microsoft Explorer if these changes are coming in the near future, why not just leave it ‘as is’ until that time comes?

Good question.

Want to watch the SF city council budget hearings online? Good Luck

I have been watching it on the AL site VIA Citylink. So Citylink is successfully recording it, but SIRE is not? I have often wondered why they just don’t LIVE stream Citylink online, and secondly, why they can’t fix SIRE once and for all?

Guest on ‘Inside Town Hall’

I was Councilor Staggers guest for the first segment of ‘Inside Town Hall’ for the May edition. We talked about the upcoming vote on snowgates, how they work, and the petition drive. Stehly was supposed to do the show, but had a conflicting appointment.

It should start airing on CityLink on Monday or Tuesday. Not sure when it will be online.

So what is the SF City Council’s opinion on the two-question rule?

That is a very good question. If you go to the video page, it is non-existant. I sent this email to councilors Staggers and Jamison last night;

I noticed on Tuesday that the informational meeting stopped it’s (internet) feed at about 15 minutes into the meeting, and I have noticed that it is not available on the city website.

I don’t contact the clerk’s office about this stuff anymore, because they just ignore me (gee I wonder why). But citizens pay dearly for this service, and it needs to start working. Enough of the glitches and excuses.

I often find it ironic these ‘glitches’ occur during controversial topics. I hope that this is not a coincidence.

Actually, I don’t think this is coincidence. I used to blame it on incompetence, but not anymore. Why?

• I have complained to the clerk’s office and city councilors about the video feed missing several times in the past.

• How can Channel 16 televise these meetings with no problem, but that same taped meeting cannot be streamed online immediately?

• How can a meeting be missing for several days or even weeks then suddenly show up? Where was the archive hiding?

• If the company we hired to handle the online videos, SIRE, is responsible for these problems, they either need to be fired or they need to give taxpayers a refund. They are not providing a service to us properly.

I thoroughly understand that issues can occur with the great internets. But the clerk’s office has had plenty of time to fix this issue with no avail. An assistant city clerk advised me once to watch the meeting on Channel 16. First off, I don’t have cable, and secondly that is not the solution. Citizens should be able to access these meetings anytime they want to. I also find it very strange these ‘glitches’ occur whenever there is a controversial topic.

I’m sure the meeting will ‘magically’ show up today after city employees have their morning reading of the DaCola, but it shouldn’t work this way. A blogger shouldn’t have to piss and moan about this week after week. We have $180 million for a new events center and hundreds of thousands of dollars for spray parks and monkey spas, we should have money allocated for transparency and public access to information.

Cutting $5 Million from a $412 Million dollar budget would have been a snap.

But Councilor Litz doesn’t think so.

Listen to the discussion between Staggers and Litz on the Sales Tax decrease initiative. Litz also believes government knows how to spend your money better then you do. He says to keep the town growing.

I think he has been locked up in Munson’s bullet proof closet for too long.

Inside Town Hall – November 10, 2008

Council Members Kermit Staggers and Bob Litz: Citizen Initiative Reducing the Sales Tax and Shape Sioux Falls. Council Members Litz and Staggers discuss the 2nd penny sales tax and other topics.