I guess now with Former Mayor Bucktooth and Bowlcut gone, media services doesn’t have to cover a press conference every time someone had a bowel movement, so now they have to fill in the time with other pressing projects. In fact, I think Mayor TenHaken has had ONLY one press conference since he took the helm. It has been refreshing, unfortunately, this video is NOT;


By l3wis

12 thoughts on “CityLink staff must be bored”
  1. ‘Police Academy’ the movie or ‘Reno 911′ the TV show? Maybe meant for public relations but comes across inappropriately comedic.

  2. Solid effort. The community likes to see its officers outside their normal roles. Its obvious they had fun. Represented well.

  3. I don’t know. It all began with Nixon, when he appeared on Laugh-In, and it has been going downhill ever since.

    These forms of entertainment speak to how our institutions have over time become, unfortunately, less credible.

    So as to be more relevant and accepted, our leaders have turned to entertainment over true leadership and accomplishment to justify and promote their claimed or assumed legitimate existence.



  4. JKC #missingthepoint Also that crime narrative has not worn well. See Cory Myers and/or Patrick Lalley for an update.

  5. That’s right, I forgot. Having Sioux Falls just be average now on crime is apparently okay….. (“Hey Mom, don’t worry… Everyone else got a “C” in that class, too”…. said the former honor student.)

  6. The “Hose A and Hose B” joke shows just how much racism is accepted and permeated in the Sioux Falls City Administration as the norm. Laughing at the expense of Hispanics is uncalled for. In a time when Hispanic children are being taken from their parent’s who seek asylum, this kind of attitude reinforces the sickness of discrimination that has long followed those who come here from south of our border. The Sioux Falls City Administration, Police and Fire Depts. should immediately give an open apology and offer itself Cultural Sensitivity Training by an outside organization as an immediate priority. It’s equally as bad as when Officer’s were handing out donated cash at Christmas from an “Unnamed” source, reinforcing Christianity. Would they do that for Muslim Holiday’s? The double standards of racism and religion needs to stop at the top of City Hall, The Police Dept. and Fire Command chain if they expect it to not happen in the streets by those under their watch. Even offering up pork sandwiches at the Mayor’s 4th of July Celebration at Falls Park in the past was exclusionary. The City has a long way to go and now is a good time to get started. Pushing Racism and Religion on the children of the community acted out in the spirit of goodness and respect from the supposed, “Hero’s” who they look up to is a slap in the face to those of different ethnicities and belief systems. Small wonder there isn’t a high immigrant population in the Police and Fire Departments. It’s just disgusting. I am appalled at that video and how it allows the SFFR and SFPD to score points by laughing at a Hispanic name. HOW INSULTING!

  7. Well, I am glad someone is saving something around here, because we sure did not “save” our past low crime rate.

    The tolerance for a higher, but average crime rate, is analogous to the City’s attitude about the safety at the Falls, and the willingness over the years to move the second penny sales tax away from a total commitment to roads. For they all speak to public policies by our City leaders, where they cut corners to fund “their projects” at the expense of essential services to the community as a whole. It’s like a parent who drinks Crown Royal, when the family, however, really needs to replace the old mini van or at least send it in for repairs….


  8. please just broadcast the city council meetings and programing telling me it’s time to change the battery on my smoke detecter. how many hundreds of thousands of dollars did the city link budget grow under the triple m adminsitration? and now that he isn’t on the channel’s programing 20 hours a day, they are scrambling to fill the time somehow.

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