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Bad, Bad, Bad Mayor

Boy, if you thought our last mayor in Sioux Falls was a horrible brow beater, watch this mayor in Sherwood, OR. She is relentless. In fact, her town (around 20,000 folks) were so mad at her over her performance that night (August 15, 2017) they tried to recall her and the two city councilors who went along with her. She resigned before being recalled and the other two councilors were recalled.

What is interesting about this video besides the blatant corruption is that the city council has an OPEN RFP process and each councilor gets to vote on picking contractors for major contracts.

(FF: 20:00) YMCA Contract

Nostalgic Former Mayor Wear

LifeScape Parking lot expansion further proof the indoor pool was built in the wrong place

I think the debate is over, we wanted an indoor pool and we got one. But a major issue at the time was the location of the pool. While I wouldn’t be opposed to a public indoor pool built at a city park, Spellerberg Park was problematic from the get go.

Besides the fact that there is no room for expansion, one of the major issues was parking expansion of the VA. We knew the VA was going to expand, we knew they would need more parking and we knew they held the quit claim deed to Spellerberg. If the pool wasn’t built there they could have easily expanded parking into the park. NOW, we have LifeScape tearing up affordable housing in the center of our city for parking because they NO longer have space at the VA.

I still believe a public/private partnership with Sanford at the Sports complex for an indoor pool would have made more sense, and really there is nothing stopping them from doing their own pool in the future.

While the negotiations behind the RR redevelopment was one of the worst in the past administration, building the indoor pool at Spellerberg is proving also to be another poor decision from a RAM-ROD mentality of the previous administration.

CityLink staff must be bored

I guess now with Former Mayor Bucktooth and Bowlcut gone, media services doesn’t have to cover a press conference every time someone had a bowel movement, so now they have to fill in the time with other pressing projects. In fact, I think Mayor TenHaken has had ONLY one press conference since he took the helm. It has been refreshing, unfortunately, this video is NOT;

Falls Park Safety isn’t Rocket Science

It has often amazed me when Former Mayor Coors Light & Olives would talk about all of his ‘WINS’ and wouldn’t address ‘REAL’ issues in our community, like Public Transit and the Meth epidemic. But he also wouldn’t address the little things that just needed a ‘tweak’.

There was a lot of excuses about Falls Park Safety, but no action. It seems TenHaken gets it, it needs to be fixed, so let’s get on it;

“We are moving fast and furious on a proposal,” Nelson said. “Our approach is to enhance not only the safety but also the visitor experience in the park with improved accessibility.”

And that is the job of good government. When you see a need for something to be better, you dig in and do it instead of making excuses about mystery reports and having multiple press conferences about nothing.

Next big tweak Paul? Transparency. Let’s move fast and furious on that to.

Downtown Sioux Falls still exists

I thought I would remind everyone with First Friday happening today that Downtown Sioux Falls still exists and all of your favorite bars, restaurants and shops are also still there.

I know that there was a fear for awhile that after Former Mayor Coors Light & Olives left city hall that Downtown Sioux Falls would suffer and close down. Somehow the TenHaken Administration has figured out how to keep the lights on Downtown.

I attempted to contact city hall for comment about what they are ‘doing right’ to keep Downtown going and I got this in response;

“Lloyd Companies are great!”

TenHaken already breaks a Former Mayor’s record in first week

During the Minnehaha County Commission meeting, Jeff Barth cracks a funny after Mayor TenHaken addresses the commission on ‘working together’. TenHaken mentions he already has had lunch with Chair Heiberger and wants to meet with the rest of the commissioners and promises to come to joint meetings.

After his testimony, Barth says, “You have already tied the previous mayor’s record for such a (lunch) meeting (with Cindy).” In which the crowd busts up in laughter, and Cindy replies, “He has already broken the record by one.”

Remember Former Mayor Coors Light & Olives stopped going to joint county/council meetings early in his 1st term after he realized he wasn’t in charge at the meetings.

Former Mayor Coors Light & Olives ‘FRANKS’ as he walks out the door

While I found this letter on the internets facebooks, I guess several business people in town got the letter. I found it interesting that FMCL&O would use city resources to thank possible donors to his next campaign. That’s called ‘Franking’ – and frowned upon, but no surprise coming from a guy who takes $500K from taxpayers for a tennis center that he puts his name on.