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Former Sioux Falls Mayor Got SH*T Done?

I remember when Bucktooth and Bowlcut was walking out the door, it seemed the last 100 days of his administration we were reminded of all the ‘S**T’ he got accomplished (not my words, his). But only a little over 2 years later, let’s look at those supposed accomplishments;

Railroad Redevelopment. While this hasn’t totally flopped (there are a few projects and apartments being built in the area, after developer friendly deals were cut at taxpayer expense) The major developments flopped due to issues with engineering and bedrock. I actually don’t see this development ever coming to fruition for at least 20 years. It was touted as his greatest accomplishment but really was just a massive waste of Federal tax money that never solved the rail traffic issues downtown. They continue to store rail cars downtown less than a few blocks away. And to add insult to injury, we are spending millions for an overpass on 26th street so the trains can continue to march through downtown.

Events Center. Besides the possible impending doom if Mr. S gets brought up on criminal charges, the Denty has been nothing but a complete failure only 5 short years after it opened. Not just the major screw job on the cheap siding and many other issues with the building, sponsorships have continued to fall and attendance is at near zilch. And that’s not just because of Covid. Last year several businesses in the area complained that there was little activity at the place. Besides the rusted up tin can looking like a total waste, taxpayers are stuck with propping up this place with around a $10 million dollar a year mortgage payment while a majority of the profits go straight out of town. We didn’t need a new Events Center, and I think citizens will come to that realization within the next few years.

City Administration Building. Besides the fact we didn’t need this place, it has had issues from day one. The HVAC that clearly got screwed up by the CMAR had to be replaced at taxpayer’s expense, with still no word from the city attorney’s office if we will get reimbursed (likely not). When we decided to gift the other city building for the TRIAGE center, it proved that we didn’t really need another city office building. This was just another developer handout because of some backdoor promises MMM made .

Indoor Aquatic Center. I haven’t been in the place since it opened, but what I have been hearing from peeps in the neighborhood, it is turning into a real wasteland. There has been issues with the windows, leaks in the pool and extensive rusting. And that’s just the little things. There has also been multiple complaints about customer service and the horrible locker rooms. Attendance was also down before COVID hit and our subsidies grow every year. Now I wasn’t opposed to an indoor public pool, but I think we should have done it with a partnership with Sanford Sports Complex and built the pool out there. So not a total failure, but wrong place and wrong deal. I suspect it will become VA property within 10 years.

Bunker Ramp. This is the disaster that keeps giving. After MMM & Mini-Mike Darrin Smith screwed up the initial development, they marched forward with the guys that were associated with the Copper Lounge collapse LLC debacle. Even though many in the public and in the developer world told them it was a bad idea to get involved with these folks, a majority of the council pushed forward. Then when Mayor Stoneless rolled in, he also passed on the opportunity to kill it (contrary to what many believe, Paul and the council could have stopped the project and paid a bond funding fine, which could have been around $1 million, but saving us about $25 million). Not only did the past mayor and council fail to stop one of the biggest dupes on the public, the current administration continues to bungle with this project. Recently they decided to sell two flat surface parking lots (I’m guessing to push those parking tenants to the ramps). The worst part is that neither the current mayor or past mayor and councils apologized for this massive f’up. That  building will always be a stark final reminder of MMM’s legacy of a multitude of failures.

He did have one success during his administration. He supported and endorsed Snowgates, even though he could not get it passed through the idiots on the council at the time. It took a petition drive by Stehly to get this service. So in a sense, he failed at snowgates also.

When I hear rumors about a possible run for mayor again in 2022, I look at the above screwups and wonder how he even thinks he has a snowball chance in Hell of ever serving in public office again? If I was MMM, I would just plan on spending more time at my trailer house in Wessington Springs.

Is the City of Sioux Falls trying to get away from plowing city side streets?

I won’t give Mayor Stoneless all the credit on this one, this actually started with Mayor Bucktooth and Bowlcut. I noticed in the last few years of his administration and into TenHaken’s there really hasn’t been a strong effort to plow the side streets during the winter, which turns them into icy ruts. After Paul’s church volunteer tornado cleanup effort, I’m getting the feeling more and more he is more concerned about developer handouts and less on citizen services. We pay taxes for a reason, to keep our infrastructure maintained. It will be interesting to see how he reacts this year, but if it is anything like the end of last winter, we are going to be driving on some pretty crappy ice covered streets.

What would Mayor Bucktooth & Bowlcut do during this crisis?

This question has come up a lot with me from foot soldiers and political friends.

I try not to think about it too much, because I am so glad he is no longer in leadership, but I will try to break this down. I think the positives would outweigh the negatives;


• Hardworker. I could never argue with the fact that B&B was a 24/7 employee. I guarantee he would have not taken off a single weekend until we got through this crisis and would have worked at it every day putting in long hours.

• B&B was not afraid to make hard decisions, right or wrong. He was pretty resolute when he made a decision and would not backdown from it, even if it was tragically wrong.

• He would follow expert’s plans and emergency management manuals. B&B knew he wasn’t an expert about a lot of things and would rely on the knowledge of others to implement the best plan. Of course, he would still take credit for it. He leaned on his directors a lot during a crisis, we saw this with the ice storm. This is what leaders do. Lincoln was a great example of this. B&B was no Lincoln though.

• He would find a way to balance business and government. In other words he would have not taken a heavy hand, but would have been strong about getting businesses to do preventive things. I also think he would have acted much, much earlier.

• He would have put city employees to work, helping business to secure safety by redirecting them to do other job duties. B&B would have never let a single city employee slouch during this unless they had underlying health conditions.

• B&B was not afraid to take legal risks. He did this during the entire 8 years he was mayor. Laws? We don’t need no stinking laws. He certainly would not have been a wilting flower when it comes to our Governor and her box of rocks for a brain.


• B&B would have taken advantage of the situation for business opportunities for himself and friends. We would have never heard about it because those plans would have taken place behind closed doors. City councilor Brekke said it best recently, ‘During a time of crisis there will be Heros and there will be Scoundrels.’ He would have worn both badges – proudly.

• He would have used the crisis to promote himself. We saw this during ‘Operation Timberstrike’. 

• B&B would have used the opportunity to use his authoritarian powers under home rule charter to the fullest extent.

• He would not have bothered to consult the majority of the council to get buy in. He would have garnered the four votes he needed and steamrolled the rest of them.

• He would use the opportunity to bilk taxpayers more in the future with hidden and not so apparent tax and fee increases and unnecessary bonding.

• Lastly, he would have used the crisis to be even less transparent and lie to the public about what is going on behind the scenes to put a ‘positive’ spin on the situation.

But I will be honest with you, during this time of crisis if I had a choice between the last guy or the current guy, I would pick the last one.

How truly sad is our options?

What I want to know is why PTH doesn’t know the age of two of his three kids? So odd.

Classic DaCola

While I do not want this person as mayor again, it sure would be fun to watch him run again. I know, I’m a little twisted.

Argus ED Board points out the obvious problems with the Bunker Ramp

I have come to the realization that bitching about this project at this point is almost futile;

After a contentious five-year saga of fits and false starts, we’re left with something that looks more like it belongs in downtown Chernobyl post-meltdown.

Now we’re faced with setting aside our dreams of a silk purse in return for a sow’s ear.

But we find the current state of affairs unacceptable. The “finishing” touches on such a huge and visible public initiative should excite and energize the citizens of Sioux Falls. Instead, we stand disappointed and disillusioned.

TenHaken has an opportunity to begin earning back public trust in City Hall.

While the editorial makes some good points, I sometimes wonder if it is too late. I don’t think that Mayor TenHaken or his administration have ANY intention of becoming more transparent, in fact, they have been in hunker down mode for over a year, and it gets worse by the day. The super secret, hurry up and ramrod through the 5G implementation without (real) public meetings is proof of this. I said to someone the other day, “It makes you wonder all the things they are doing behind the scenes we don’t know about?”

While the previous mayor was very OPEN about his SECRECY – it was almost a badge of honor with him, this mayor pretends like it isn’t going on, but they are one in the same. I saw when Munson did this, when the next guy did it, and now our current mayor, and it is getting worse and more deceptive by the day. God help us, because I’m not sure there is much the rest of can do to stop this.

UPDATE: 2nd Penny will have to be used to Support Bunker Ramp

Reader submission

You can say what you want about Stehly, but she warned that the Parking Department Enterprise Funds would NOT be able to support the bond payments for the Bunker Ramp, and this is why we used the 2nd Penny Road Funds for collateral;

Mayor Paul TenHaken wants the City Council to dip further into the city parking fund to come up with another $1.5 million, which his administration says is needed to open the ramp. Using that cash would drain the account the city is using to pay back the $18.5 million it borrowed to build the ramp, making it more likely that the city could need to dip into tax dollars to pay off the debt. 

Once again folks, we are dipping into our infrastructure funds for projects that have nothing to do with needed infrastructure.

UPDATE: Joe Sneve found this great quote from TenHaken;

“Unfortunately, the public doesn’t have all the facts and getting at the ones the taxpayers do have has been a challenge. The City government needs to be open and transparent with taxpayer dollars, which includes settlements like the one in question. We all can agree that bringing openness to historically closed door processes of City government is a great move,” Paul TenHaken told KSFY News while campaigning for mayor.

Bryon Noem takes a que from Former Mayor Bucktooth & Bowlcut

Oh, I am not the only who thinks this is strangely like his ridiculous show. So now we have two knuckle-heads telling us about Podunk, SD. I grew up there, I already know what goes on in those towns – a lot of bitching about Hillary and Obama and not much else.

Jon Michaels’ Forum

First episode is about DOWNTOWN SIOUX FALLS

Second episode is with the FORMER MAYOR

I skimmed Bowlcut’s book today

I have been meaning to read our past mayor’s book, but haven’t had the opportunity. But today I decided to do some skimming thru it at the local bookshop. What I found interesting is that the chapters are extremely short (5-6 pages) double spaced in about 12 PT type. I literally read two chapters in about four minutes.

I went thru those two chapters today because they looked interesting and wanted to share a couple of tidbits I jotted down. First, he touches on getting his 50+1. Something I called when he was mayor ‘Winning at all costs – F’k everyone else’ He didn’t put it that way 🙂

CHAPTER: If you want everyone to like you, public service is not for you

In government, if you truly want to get things done, quit trying to please everybody. Stop singing “Kumbaya” and cease seeking everyone’s blessing before moving on. Get the minimum votes required, take your hits from those that disagree, execute a plan, and move on. You are not going to accomplish anything if you strive for perfection and appeasement. Make only one promise to those you serve: “I guarantee you, there will be times when we will have to agree to disagree.”

Strive for perfection?! LOL! It was no secret he had a ‘by the skin of his teeth’ mentality.

But he also feels the need to address the ‘Fake News’. I guess I really never thought of him as a Trumpist, but in a lot of ways he is. I saw this when he left the Democratic party (surprised they didn’t have a party).

CHAPTER: Don’ forget about earned media

My administration spent countless hours and taxpayer dollars dealing with made-up nonsense from a few that just wanted to criticize, stir up rumor, create falsehoods, or had nothing better to do. The brick-and-mortar news outlets now have fewer staff to actually discover the truth versus the fake or biased news. It is so hard for the news outlets, along with public servants, to correct the untrue blog post, inappropriate Facebook rant, or salacious Twitter bomb.

The only person making up ‘nonsense’ was you. And the SD Supreme Court agreed.

I will try to read the whole book eventually, bucket by my side.

Bowlcut & Bucktooth lays it on thick

I forgot how full of crap this guy is.