I think the debate is over, we wanted an indoor pool and we got one. But a major issue at the time was the location of the pool. While I wouldn’t be opposed to a public indoor pool built at a city park, Spellerberg Park was problematic from the get go.

Besides the fact that there is no room for expansion, one of the major issues was parking expansion of the VA. We knew the VA was going to expand, we knew they would need more parking and we knew they held the quit claim deed to Spellerberg. If the pool wasn’t built there they could have easily expanded parking into the park. NOW, we have LifeScape tearing up affordable housing in the center of our city for parking because they NO longer have space at the VA.

I still believe a public/private partnership with Sanford at the Sports complex for an indoor pool would have made more sense, and really there is nothing stopping them from doing their own pool in the future.

While the negotiations behind the RR redevelopment was one of the worst in the past administration, building the indoor pool at Spellerberg is proving also to be another poor decision from a RAM-ROD mentality of the previous administration.

By l3wis

6 thoughts on “LifeScape Parking lot expansion further proof the indoor pool was built in the wrong place”
  1. How is a once neighbor’s backyard, that is now a parking lot, not a “taking” by a government without just compensation to those still living in that neighborhood, who will now see their residential property values decline due to the new parking lot, which is adjacent to their still existing backyards?

  2. They should have NEVER built that F’cking pool next to the VA. But Ram-Roddy Piper and the Bread Lady just had to have their indoor pool come Hell or High Water.

  3. The indoor pool has been a success. It’s a surprise given it’s inconvenient location. There will become a time when the VA will move somewhere near an interstate highway somewhat outside city limits. It looks like the city is crowding them out so they can get control of more federal property. The sooner veterans and VA employees can move out of town to near the new VA, the better.

  4. A peaceful VA grounds (combined Hospital, senior living, open areas) near Hartford sounds appealing. It would be tranquil to get away from big city problems like drugs, casino robberies, code enforcer thugs, ax throwers, and snake charmers. It would be easier for veterans to find and Minnehaha County is better law enforcement. An RV camp would be immediately approved. Apartments and condos would be affordable built on land with rural rates and services. Maybe dig out a lake and buy the London Bridge?

  5. DS, the indoor pool is not a success by any measure except we have one based on the lies of a couple of people. The outdoor pools closed early to save money so the Parks Department could show less of a loss. Watch the Park Department plan the demolition of Frank Olson and Keuhn Park pools to “save” money by letting them be splash pads.

    The indoor pool is as much a fraud as many of us claimed it would be.

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