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Oh the irony . . .


After Angry Guy posted a link to the above picture today, it got me thinking about a post Dakotawomen did a few days back about the media’s obsession with Beth Ditto’s weight instead of her talent;

On NPR’s website, former Sleater-Kinney guitarist/singer Carrie Brownstein discusses press coverage of The Gossip and their lead singer Beth Ditto, which focuses almost entirely on Beth Ditto’s weight, rather than her undeniable talent. She looks at a review by Elizabeth Day of The Guardian, which mentions Ditto’s weight and body size throughout, and even uses food metaphors to describe the band (Beth is compared to cheese, while the band is compared to a club sandwich).

While I agree that people should be judged on their talents not their looks (men and women) I find it ironic that the photo(s) of Ditto obviously had the cellulite photoshopped or airbrushed out of the photo like some bogus Senior picture. If Ditto truly wanted to be ‘shocking’ about showing her (very large) naked body, I suggest she does a photo shoot, warts and all.

I’m still trying to figure out how they convinced Playboy’s graphic designer to clean up the photo.