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Mayor TenHaken’s Deputy COS not a fan of liberals

What has PTH said in the past about your employees posting questionable things on FB?

This is why political appointees are not a good idea. It’s probably a good idea to separate your campaign and transition team from your leadership team. I saw this with Darrin Smith when he was appointed to Director of Community Development and Parking after he cooked up a false ‘junket’ story about Dr. Staggers during the mayoral campaign. I also feel this is where Jolene failed by using a Democratic political operative to run her campaign instead of an independent consultant.

As for the comments about liberals, I would agree, he knows little about them. BHO was not a liberal, I would actually consider him a moderate to right leaning progressive, but definately not a liberal. I tell people one of the several reasons I left the Democratic party is because there are no liberals in it anymore, haven’t been for decades. But being a ‘liberal’ isn’t some dirty thing. We believe in helping each other, the social net, universal healthcare and education, embracing the arts, culture and diversity and we also believe in the right to free speech and peaceful protest. True liberals also detest war and try to solve problems diplomatically, we also accept all creeds, a major reason why we promote peace over war.

Good luck T.J., posting this will make it a very rough road for you and your boss.

I verified the comment, posted on July 11, 2017


TenHaken predictions; DaCola 1 for 1

Well I got my first prediction of the TenHaken administration correct;

Mayor Paul TenHaken today announced the first key appointment of his new administration. T.J. Nelson was selected to serve as Deputy Chief of Staff and public information officer for the City.

T.J., one word of advice, probably shouldn’t have a typo in your first press release. It’s ‘Health’ not ‘Heath’.

So let’s see if DaCola can go 2 for 2. My next prediction, Erica Beck as Chief of Staff.

Is Mayor TenHaken ready for a little ‘Hot Yoga’?