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Scott Munsterman. “I loathe the working poor, just ask me.”


I still get a kick out of Munsterman posting comments on my site trying to win me over a few months ago, when he tried to tell me we agree on a lot of things, BAHAHAHAH. Then he pulls this spade;

We have to get a handle on unfunded mandates,” Munsterman said. “I believe that is a big portion of what is wrecking our budget.”

Medical expenditures cost the state $128 million in the most recent budget — 11 percent of the $1.1 billion budget. The federal government contributed $335 million toward South Dakota medical services.

Yeah, stab the working in the back, that’ll get you some votes.

Munsterman contradicts himself in Voices Crazy interview


Hey, vote for me, not only do I not believe in a women’s right to choose, I’m not big on BC either.

You gotta love it when born again Christians (hypocrites) run for office;

SH: How did you vote on the issue of abortion in the 2006 and 2008 South Dakota election and why?

SM: I voted for Referred Law 6 in 2006, and Initiated Measure 11 in 2008. I will be the most pro life candidate running to be our new Governor. I have voted in favor of life in every election. I believe life begins at conception. I also believe in the adoption option as the real choice for Moms who cannot care for children. I’ve spent my life as a health provider to extend life not to end it.

SH: Do you support the Informed Consent law passed in 2005 and the South Dakota’s efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade?

SM: Yes.

So Scott, even though legalized abortion is Federally mandated, and if SD would have made abortion illegal we would be violating Federal law, you still voted for it? Oh, but here is where Scott’s hypocrisy kicks in;

VC: What are your views on legalizing marijuana?

SM: I’m not in favor of legalizing marijuana. It is not necessary and any efforts at legalization on a state level would contradict federal laws, causing a jurisdictional nightmare for law enforcement.

I guess we only want Judicial Nightmares when it comes to rape and child abuse victims. Hypocrite.

SD War College misleading again

What Pat Powers showed this morning;


What the poll is actually showing now;


Is this the kind of campaign we can expect out of Munsterman with Pat running his campaign? The Republicans wonder why people don’t trust them any more. Gee I wonder why?

LMAO political news of the Day



I had my suspicians and now I see it’s true. Munsterman picks a closet Democrat to run his campaign.

It’s official now. Pat Powers is now Republican Scott Munsterman’s campaign manager for governor.

I wonder if Scott knows that PP got his ass whipped in the last Republican primary he ran in, because he ran as a Democrat? Heck, maybe Munsterman is a closet Democrat to? Who knows.

Good Luck anyway, you are gonna need it going up against money bags Dave Knudson. I think your first objective PP is to start raising money . . . NOW!