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Why I love the Onion


King Douchenozzle von Krunk

Looks like Glenn Beck dodged another bullet today.

Unfortunately, the victim of this fatal car accident was not him.

South DaCola fan email

What a liberal DUMB ASS you prove to be on your blogs everyday!!!   If Bush did not do the things to protect us when he did, we would not be here rite now!!

Bitch ALL you want about Bush. There comes a time when you have to start putting the blame on YOUR BOY in the “White House”.  What a joke he is already!!!

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David D.

Thanks for the feedback David. I’ll get your free t-shirt in the mail today

I can tell what side I am NOT on

The Mummy’s Ghost move


Wonder if this would work with SD conservatives?


The GOP should adopt this tactic for the next election…

Who wants dark meat?
But it would have to be a donkey instead of a snake.

Neocon crazy letter writer of the day . . .

Okay, he’s not that crazy, but he is wrong. Obama has said repeatdely that he wouldn’t sign this into law. Remember, the liberals are the big FREE speech people, not the conservatives.

Liberal Democrats, from the so-called party of tolerance, are attempting to regulate conservative talk radio out of business with the Fairness Doctrine and the Minority Ownership Doctrine.

Why would Democrats want to regulate or silence it? It’s like a gift from Heaven lately – they keep digging their own grave everytime they talk, I say more crazy conservatives on the radio, not less.

Crazy Neo-con letter writer is back

And he is mad his hero GW Bush is being picked on;

The letter from Ernest Kroeger was a factual account of President George W. Bush’s eight years of office. This detailed information was long overdue,

Really, I thought it was very timely, just in time to fertilize my lawn with it.

Kroeger did an excellent job of speaking to all the Bush detractors who never gave this man his due despite six years of verbal, ugly disrespect. Some of the name calling and accusatory remarks made about our duly elected president (even though some hard-headed Democrats still question the Florida vote) should have been used for the likes of Pol Pot or the president of Dubai. It’s hard to fathom the mean spirit and cruelty that enters into some people’s thought process.

Respect is earned in my book. I think every single ugly verbal attack on Bush was very well deserved. And remember, the Supreme Court picked Bush in his first term, not the American people.

We pro-life individuals received our personal gift recently from the Obama administration as it was announced that your and my tax money would be used to fund research on all stem cells. 

Don’t worry, I’m sure congress will pass legislation to back up his executive order.

We, the silent majority, need to let our elected officials know they do not represent us when they vote in favor of this legislation.

Silent majority. That one made me laugh. It has been determined in the last two national elections that the country is moderate. Independents have the highest percentage of registered voters in this country with your party coming in dead last at 27%. Last I checked, 27% isn’t a majority.

We cannot give into the evil one.

Shane move

Oh, so it was cruel to rip on a war criminal like Bush, but it is OKAY to tear apart a person who has only been president for 50 days? You are a f’ing hypocrite.

All must continue to pray fervently and battle with those who do not believe life begins at conception

There yah go again, playing God. In fact, maybe you should do that more and write letters less.