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If only conflict of interest laws existed when Gant and Powers were in office


Oh the irony of Pitty Patt Postting this story;

Prohibiting and criminalizing direct conflicts of interests and self-dealings resulting in personal financial benefit from taxpayer monies

Under current South Dakota law, it is only a misdemeanor to engage in self-dealings of taxpayer monies for personal benefit or gain.  See SDCL 5-18A-17.4.

“A public official, who misappropriates taxpayer monies that have been entrusted to them, violates the public trust and should be held responsible for such actions.   When   a public official uses taxpayer monies for personal benefit or gain, it should be treated  as any other criminal theft,” said  Jackley.

The Attorney General’s proposed legislation narrowly defines a direct criminal conflict of interest to occur when “any public official who knowingly misappropriates funds or property which has been entrusted to the public official in violation of the public trust and which results in a direct financial benefit to the public official, commits a criminal conflict of interest.” A public official who commits a criminal conflict of interest would be guilty of theft under existing law. Under current theft law it is a Class 6 felony carrying a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment when the value of the theft is in excess of $1,000, a Class 5 felony, punishable up to five years, when the value is more than $2,500 but less than or equal to $5,000, and a Class 4 felony, punishable up to 10 years, if the value is more than $5,000. The bill also requests employee whistleblower protections.

Legislation being introduced by others will require notice to the Attorney General of conflict violations.

That was our main claim against Gant & Powers. Pat was still running a campaign consulting company while working as deputy SOS. A conflict of interest, especially if he was using information attained from the SOS to further his business. Not only did Jackley at the time not investigate him for that, they found them not guilty on stealing (something they were never accused of). But I guess, even if they were found to have a conflict of interest, not much could have been done until the law changes. PAThetic quit anyway claiming he had to get back to his litter of spawn.

Pitty Patt Powwers still ‘Butt Hurt’

It seems the man who manages the Dakota Wuss College is still butt hurt I caught him running a business that was in direct conflict with his job in the SOS’s office. Call a whaabulance, maybe they can pull threw Burger King’s drive thru on the way to the crybaby hospital so he can pick up a fish sandwich for America’s #1 Catholic.

Pat’s diatribe about me was actually hilarious (he seems to be confused about the separation of government and religious organizations, and can’t seem to figure out why I ‘hate’ his brand of the Republican party). Because you are whackadoodle. And many other Republicans agree with me that your side of the party is noxious.

The under-super-sized Argus did a story about me today, and quickly Patty had to attack (ironically, I stand by most of those quotes, because they are true.)

First to the story in the 100-Eyed Monster rag;

Barth applauds Ehrisman for announcing his desire to be appointed during the public comment portion of a commission meeting.

Pat seems to think that Barth is going to vote for me. He is NOT. I had a private meeting with Jeff after the meeting, and specifically told me he would be voting for a Democrat for the appointment, and didn’t offer me much hope that the Republican caucus on the commission would be voting for an independent.

As I have said, this is more about the process to me then getting appointed. I will put my all into it, and use it as a learning experience. Trust me, if the county commissioners think my recital on Tuesday was over the top, they haven’t seen anything yet.

Now to Pat’s comedy piece;

Brown says bloggers like Ehrisman cross the line and get personal, like when a campaign picture of Brown with his daughter was the target of negative remarks on the blog.

“In one instance, a blogger called me a part-time husband and part-time father.  It’s really hurtful to family,” Brown said.

“I know what he’s talking about when it comes to his daughter. That was a political mailing he put out.  He used his daughter as a political prop.  He started it,” Ehrisman said.

Vernon hasn’t liked me since I did a toon of him having a sunburnt bald head in Drake Springs Pool. He couldn’t wait to drag me into the discussion. I don’t much care for politicians who wear their religion on their sleeves or use their children as political props. Okay, so you can read the Bible and you figured out reproduction, how does that qualify you to govern? Just look at Pat, he has figured out how to reproduce (several times) but the one chance he had to serve the public, he blew it because his greed to sell bumper stickers and shirt pins got the best of him.

Pat thinks this statement I made about religion should disqualify me to work in public office. Pat, I am applying to be a public servant not the janitor of our local mosque.

Why do the Jews embrace the Old Testament? Because it justifies killing people. Why do Muslims embrace the Koran? Because it justifies killing people. Christians supposedly embrace the New Testament (which justifies peace) but most of them choose to ignore those teachings. People ask why I don’t believe in religion.

And what is untrue about that statement? Nothing, and that is why it scares the crap out of supposed ‘followers’.

But this one had me rolling;

“The best knickname for Catholics I have ever heard was ‘Minnow Munchers’ because they eat fish on Fridays during Lent. Jesus fried in the sun all day, and the catholics eat Mickey D’s $.99 Filet O’ Fish, the sacrifice seems comparable.”

This has been a long running funny in my family, which are a mix of Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists and Baptists. I often chuckle at the notion of eating fish on Friday is a comparable sacrifice to a cruixifiction. Did you know during Ramadan (Their version of Lent), Muslims fast the entire day (sun up to sun down). Can you imagine Pat fasting an entire day? BAHAHAHAHA!

If Jeff Barth, the man who wants to be Dem Chair, is truly seeking congeniality and independence to assume the vacant position on the Minnehaha County Commission, a word of advice. He’d better keep looking.

As I said above, he is.


A Helpful guide to the SD GOP Scandals

Click HERE ( republican-graphic) to see the entire, enlarged graphic. Then download and email to your friends.


South DaCola’s Political advocate winners and losers of 2013


Okay, I am a little bias for my choice of political advocate of the year, Theresa Stehly. But besides her victories of getting snowgates on the ballot, and the SF substitute teachers a raise (finally) she has inspired others to take up the cause. Spellerberg outdoor pool advocates and the SON folks have successfully taken out petitions this past year, with the quiet assistance of Theresa.  Ms. Stehly is South Dacola’s political advocate winner of 2013.


My political (non) advocate loser of the year, is former secretary of state employee and blogger, Pat Powers. After being forced to resign his position, because he was busted having a conflict of interest with his personal campaign consulting business, Pat continues to be the chief blogging apologist for the most corrupt of corrupt politicians, like Thune and Rounds. Keep it up Pat, I may hand you the award next year to.

Bloggers as journalists?

“Let’s see here, I have three Whopper Jr’s, a Thune press release, a hidden server and STYX blaring on my stereo. I’m ready to blog!”

The Argus is at it again, asking if Bloggers are journalists. I ask the bigger question, are their journalists very good bloggers? Well, during the State Legislative session, David Montgomery had the most extensive coverage of any journalist of the session. Fair, balanced and accurate, but you didn’t read about it in the newspaper or even on their website, all of this very well balanced ‘reporting’ by a ‘journalist’ occurred on David’s BLOG.

Do I think I am a journalist? No. I prefer citizen advocate. I don’t have a degree in journalism, and I often misspell words and use poor grammar. But the main reason I don’t consider myself a journalist is because 1) I am not getting paid to write on my blog 2) I don’t consider what I do as writing ‘news’ stories. I see things happening, I get a couple of good sources, I ask questions. I also offer my opinion, which makes me more of an editorialist then anything (the main reason I started the blog to begin with).

I did get a kick out of the cast of characters rooted up for the Robo-call trial though;

He and several high-profile Republicans have been called by Willard as witnesses for the defense, along with Secretary of State Jason Gant, state senator Dan Lederman, and Tony Venhuizen, a senior adviser to Gov. Dennis Daugaard. (also Powers, Joel Arends and Shawn ‘The Tornado’ Tornow are involved).

Joel Arends VS. Shawn Tornow. Would love to see that Sh*t Show. I hope they don’t slip on each other’s slime. Then you have Powers as a ‘Journalist’ (I didn’t know publishing Thune and Noem press releases was considered ‘journalism’)

So do I agree with the judge that bloggers are journalists? I dunno?

ALEC Repugs in Pierre have NO time for Progressive politics (Guest Poster)

A sorry movement has been growing over the last couple of years at a feverish rate.  The people have voted against FAUX News and Rove even after the vote fix was in.  Something must be done.  Consider what is happening in Pierre and other state capitals as the elected and appointeds work to figure out how to roll our nation back to the 1800’s.  Senator Stan’s Adelstein’s proposal to have direct primary nomination election of constitutional candidates in South Dakota is a throwback to the Progressive Era our current ‘leaders’ wish to destroy.

DWC – Pat Powers’ recent rants to continue his destruction of all things related to Senator Stan.  We must not forget Pat’s job loss was a result of last May’s expose’ of SOS Jason Gant and his ethically challenged / legally questionable activities.  South Dakota was in the center of the nation’s Progressive movement.  Much of what we currently have as average Americans is in no small part because of what happened in Sioux Falls and South Dakota.  Governor Lee, Peter Norbeck, Governor Tom Berry through Abourezk and McGovern were prairie progressives who believed in the average person.  Only the rich, selfish or wish to be selfishly rich have fought the ideals of expanded rights for all people.

So when I read about more idiots who wish to roll back the Progressive Era advancements, the more I want to remind everyone of our collective history.  The absurd right has it wrong on all counts, how can we go back to something that never existed in the first place?  So we have reactionaries like Pat Powers who lost his job to save a leader of South Dakota RSLC – ALEC.  Jason Gant had to be saved.  Jason has funneled funds and support to many of the right people to make sure Keystone XL pipeline destroys the ecology of South Dakota.  The John Birch Society controlled RSLC – ALEC will never let the common person have any say in the affairs of governing.  It is not in their plan.  Pat Powers is only a mouthpiece.  A person who proudly boasts either way, he makes money.  Remember this, he is a mouthpiece for the rich, selfish or wish to be selfish rich. Here is another example of what ‘conservatives’ want to do for voters;

National Review Blogger Calls for Repeal of Women’s Suffrage

By Amanda Marcotte
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 9:15 EST

Thanks for getting arrested, but since your forebears chose to use their rights to get more rights, all rights have to go.

Michael Walsh of National Review Online called for the termination of women’s right to vote last week:

Nevertheless, you’re on to something I’ve been advocating for years now. And that is the repeal of all four of the so-called “Progressive Era” amendments, including the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th, which were passed between 1911 and 1920.

One of those has already been repealed—the 18th amendment, which ushered in Prohibition—which Walsh admits. That’s not really what he’s on about anyway:

The income-tax amendment was a self-evident attack on capitalism and led to the explosive growth of the federal government we currently enjoy today. (Without it, there’d be no need for a Balanced Budget Amendment.) Direct elections of senators has given us, among other wonders, the elevation of John F. Kerry to, now, secretary of state. Prohibition was directly responsible for the rise of organized crime and its unholy alliance with the big-city Democratic machines. And women’s suffrage . . . well, let’s just observe that without it Barack Obama could never have become president. Time for the ladies to take one for the team.

I suppose we’re supposed to imagine it’s a “joke”, because he takes a jovial tone for the last one. But if so, it doesn’t make sense. He’s dead fucking serious about the other two—three, really, because he only seems to be against Prohibition because he believes it gave Democrats a leg up, which is one of those deaf-to-historical-change moments that lead Republicans to imagine that Lincoln would have anything to do with the modern version of their party—so, as a joke, it falls completely apart. If he hadn’t rolled it up with the other amendments initially, the “joke” defense he clearly has in his pocket would be an easier sell. Something like, “I’ve long advocated for the repeal of 3 of the Progressive Amendments (though one has already been repealed), and hey, ladies, sometimes you make me wish to repeal all four.” It would still be a misogynist joke, but easier to sell as a joke, even if not a very funny one.

As it stands, it’s clear he’s doing what Al Franken calls “kidding on the square“, where you say something you mean but pretend it’s a joke so you don’t have to take responsibility for it. Franken has some fun with it in his books, calling himself out for it and therefore turning a typically unfunny bit of passive-aggression into a for-real joke, but I’m guessing you all know that because of course you’ve read his books. Kidding on the square is a favorite tool of sexists, who want to say sexist things, but are too cowardly to say them directly. Walsh is just a particularly obvious example. And no, none of the other National Review bloggers argued with him on this point.

I’m trying to imagine the shitstorm that would erupt if a feminist dare say men should forsake their right to vote until they shape up and start voting correctly. It certainly wouldn’t slide under the waters, like this did.

May I suggest ‘White Castle’

And I am not talking about the fast food chain, I’m talking about the building they are holding the RNC in;

After BK (short for where we met the breeder to pick him up in Chamberlain)

And where you and Gant would plot your next move.

I see Pat Powers is back to selling postcards. Did he ever quit?

I had someone send me this exchange on Pat Powers FB page today. Not sure if Nelson was snarking on Pat or Stan, but it was funny;

Pat Powers
Less than 100 days until election day. If you need signs, postcards, palm cards, door hangers, etc and so on, drop me a note, and I’m happy to help you complete your “to do list.”

Stacey Nelson
How about all that ultra Top Secret public information you are reputed to have access to? Is that extra or does it come with the pennies you charge for postcards?

Pat Powers
Stace – Shhh… People might discover it’s been on-line for about 15 years.

I also found this sob story on Pat’s FB page to be over the top;

Pat, you created the wedge between Stan and yourself, that, and what you did may not have been illegal (according to SD state law) but it was extremely unethical. Apparently you have learned NOTHING from the experience. Unfortunate but not surprising.

If Pat Powers wasn’t doing anything wrong, why did he resign?

I would assume that Pat will get his job back now that it was found he didn’t do anything illegal;

Attorney General Marty Jackley says he has found no evidence that Secretary of State Jason Gant or former employee Pat Powers violated state law.

Sen. Stan Adelstein asked Jackley to review the activities of Gant and Powers for any “impropriety, conflict of interest and possibly illegal activity.”

Jackley issued his response this afternoon, saying he agreed with the Division of Criminal Investigation, which found no evidence of a crime while interviewing witnesses and reviewing more than 60,000 emails and 150,000 Internet usage entries from the Secretary of State’s office.

Jackley concluded as follows:

“Based upon witness information and document review, I concur with DCI’s determination that there exists no evidence of state criminal violations within the scope of this investigation. The voluminous emails, internet usage and computer files provided no evidence that the activities of Secretary Gant, Mr. Powers or “Dakota Campaign Store” were in violation of state criminal statutes.”

I knew all along in my heart of hearts, this is how it would turnout. When you have a Republican AG investigate a Republican SOS, we know the results. I will be interested to see if Powers shows back up at his old job come Monday. You have been cleared of wrongdoing Pat, go back to work.


Where do we go now?


Or maybe it should be ‘Where did you go now?’

Well, if you are doing NO wrong, or don’t believe you have a conflict of interest, how do your supposed ‘conflicts’ disappear?

Mr. Ehrisman has since updated his post to show Mr. Powers’s response. Powers has not quite shut down his DakotaCampaignStore.com website, but he has deleted most of the pages on the site. He has also redirected hits to the homepage to drag viewers through three different sham sites before finally dropping them on the infamous “Rick-Rolling” video (go ahead, click: you could use Rick Astley pop-rocking you through your day).

Guess what Pat? The joke you tried to make about ‘obsessive people’ isn’t on me or you, it’s on all the SD voters who trust in your office. Poor bastards.